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Recipes: Lampblack Ink

For common everyday writing, using Lampblack ink is preferable, for many witches. It stands the test of time and holds up well with most types of paper. It is a simple ink to create, but the process is normally very time consuming. I have found a way of making it a little less so and I will share it with you here.

First, you will need to collect the items you need in order to create the ink. You will need candle(s), distilled water, a clean bowl, a clean glass jar that seals tightly, a spoon or smooth metal lid to a pot, a clean white index card, and some Gum Arabic in powder form.

Second, choose your candle color by the use you intend for the ink. A general-purpose ink should be made with white candles. If you want to prepare ink specifically for healing spells, choosing blue for “non-growth” related healing, pink, or red candles for love or passion related spells, green for money related spells, black for banishing, etc.

You will also need a small clean bowl, I prefer clear to help judge the color and consistency of the ink while mixing. I use a clean metal pan lid with a smooth surface and a non-heating handle, to prevent burns while I am handling it.

To speed the process, I use multiple candles instead of a single one. After lighting the candles, I hold the smooth lid directly over the candle flames. Do not let the lid touch the metal, but hold the lid as close as possible to the flame without it touching the metal. This allows the soot from the candle to build up on the inside of the lid. Every minute or two remove the lid from the flames and use the white index card to remove the soot from the lid and place it into the bowl. Be very careful in handling the soot, as it is extremely light weight and will blow away easily if you do not control it carefully.

Continue this process until you have collected sufficient soot to make your ink. It can take an hour or more, depending upon how much ink you intend to make, but once the soot gathering is complete, you may start mixing.

Begin by adding the water a drop at a time; I use a toothpick to stir the mixture together, personally. Keep mixing water droplets in until you have a nice liquid consistency and yet the ink is still as black as night. Then, mix in the Gum Arabic powder, a smidge at a time, until you get the slightly thicker consistency of the good quality inks that you may see in stationery stores.

Once you have it to the right consistency, store it in the clean jar, and keep it tightly sealed when not in use. Store it away from bright sunlight. This ink is pretty much a staple for any witch’s magick cabinet.