Bat's Blood ink, spell ink

Recipes: Bat’s Blood Ink

Many witches use spell work to banish, hex, bind, curse, command or control, and work with dark entities and those who have crossed over. The ink commonly used for these types of spells is Bat’s Blood ink. It has been in use for hundreds of years as a component in magickal writings and spell works. In ages past, the ink was created with actual bat’s blood, however, now we use a blend of more common items. Bat’s Blood ink is commercially available in occult shops, as well as from multiple sources online. It is also simple to make your own and infuse it with your own power while mixing it together. This gives it the extra edge of being imbued with your power and ready to work toward your needs from the moment it is made, which gives you an extra edge in your magickal workings.

Use one part powdered Dragon’s Blood resin to an equal part Gum Arabic powder, and add half the same amount of powdered Myrrh resin. The combination of these will give a nice consistency for the ink. Slowly mix in alcohol a few drops at a time to dissolve the powders thoroughly into the correct liquid consistency to use with a pen or quill. Afterward add in two drops of Cinnamon essential oil, two drops of liquid Indigo to strengthen the power of the ink. Strain it through the finest grained metal strainer that you can find, or use a bit of coffee filter to get any impurities out before using the ink. Store it in a tightly closing glass bottle to keep the alcohol from evaporating and the ink from drying out. However, with frequent use, the ink may get thicker as the alcohol evaporates while the bottle is open. If so, simply mix in sufficient drops of alcohol to get it back to the correct fluidity for ink.

Once you get used to using various bottled inks, you will want to keep a bottle of this ink available for use full time. Specialized inks can be a witch’s best friend.