"Solar system". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Planetary Correspondence

Here are a few planetary associations for your correspondence tables:

Planet Stone Herb Magick
Earth: Diamond, granite, petrified wood Patchouli, mugwort, horehound, sagebrush Health, nature magicks, grounding, stability
Jupiter: Green Aventurine, emerald, tree agate Cinquefoil, cedar, bayberry, sage Prosperity, education, career advancement, business growth, law
Mars: Red Jasper, ruby, amber Dragon’s Blood, cinnamon, red pepper Aggression, war, force, competition, lust, strength, power, the military
Mercury: Citrine, yellow jasper Lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood All forms of communication, self-expression, travel
Moon: Moonstone, lapis lazuli Jasmine, lily, moonflower Feminine energy, motherhood, divination, intuition, psychic ability
Neptune: Smoky Quartz, pearl Cucumber, water lilies, lotus flower Water, inner vision, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, imagination, art
Pluto: Snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline Passionflower, foxglove, coneflower Sudden changes, rebirth, transformation, destiny, order
Saturn: Hematite, onyx, Jet Snapdragon, slippery elm, mandrake root Obstacles, limitations, restrictions, binding, protection
Sun: Citrine, golden topaz St. John’s Wort, sunflower, marigold ambition, success, enlightenment, creativity, achieving success, fatherhood
Uranus: Clear quartz Allspice, elfwort, spikenard Individuality, eccentricity, invention, unexpected events
Venus: Rose quartz, amethyst Rose, lavender, daffodil Love, beauty, lust, romance, friendships, family, relationships in general

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