"Heavy Rain" by Pridatko Oleksandr - Ukraine. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Witches’ Spell: Drought Relief Spell

Every witch knows that sometimes in life, a little rain must fall. The problems come when we need it to fall but it does not want to come. This is a spell designed to give a little help to nature when drought conditions are present. This spell is designed to draw the needed relief with a few simple items.

All you really need is a green candle, a cauldron or other fire safe container, a piece of parchment, some Dragon’s Blood ink, or even grape juice used as ink to complete this spell, and a bowl filled with natural water.

Inscribe the following verse on the piece of parchment, using either the Dragon’s Blood ink or natural grape juice. Allow it to dry and then work the spell outdoors at twilight. Read the spell, while tipping the bowl of water to allow the water to trickle out and spill gently on the ground.  Afterward, light the piece of parchment in the flame of the green candle and allow it to burn completely inside the cauldron or another fire safe container. When complete, scatter the ashes to the wind to draw the rain to earth.

Oppressive heat and summer’s bane
Once again we have no rain.
Flora, Fauna, suffer so,
Excessive dryness, it must go.
Wide-spread showers, let them come,
To bring relief to all not some,
For peoples, flowers, bugs and trees,
Lawns and animals, as you please.
Water drops for earth and stone,
From Maiden, Mother and the Crone.
With the power of these three,
As I will so mote it be.

As always, if the witch casting the spell wants to add a bit of extra assistance to the spell, they may anoint the candle with pansy oil, inscribe it with runes, or a personally created sigil to draw rain.

Another way to increase the efficacy of the spell is to use a pinch of cotton and a pinch of paprika. Add these to the center of the parchment spell after it has been spoken, and fold it closed to keep them inside. Tie this with a small length of green ribbon. Then, light it with the green candle and allow it to burn completely down inside the cauldron. Again, be certain to scatter the ashes to the wind in order to draw the rain to earth.

If the witch has rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or moonstone, setting a few pieces around the candle during the spell will add focus to drawing water to earth. Using a piece of fresh heather to sprinkle spring water or previously captured rainwater in a circle around the area will help the witch to draw the focus of the rain to earth.