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Planetary Correspondence

Here are a few planetary associations for your correspondence tables:

Planet Stone Herb Magick
Earth: Diamond, granite, petrified wood Patchouli, mugwort, horehound, sagebrush Health, nature magicks, grounding, stability
Jupiter: Green Aventurine, emerald, tree agate Cinquefoil, cedar, bayberry, sage Prosperity, education, career advancement, business growth, law
Mars: Red Jasper, ruby, amber Dragon’s Blood, cinnamon, red pepper Aggression, war, force, competition, lust, strength, power, the military
Mercury: Citrine, yellow jasper Lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood All forms of communication, self-expression, travel
Moon: Moonstone, lapis lazuli Jasmine, lily, moonflower Feminine energy, motherhood, divination, intuition, psychic ability
Neptune: Smoky Quartz, pearl Cucumber, water lilies, lotus flower Water, inner vision, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, imagination, art
Pluto: Snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline Passionflower, foxglove, coneflower Sudden changes, rebirth, transformation, destiny, order
Saturn: Hematite, onyx, Jet Snapdragon, slippery elm, mandrake root Obstacles, limitations, restrictions, binding, protection
Sun: Citrine, golden topaz St. John’s Wort, sunflower, marigold ambition, success, enlightenment, creativity, achieving success, fatherhood
Uranus: Clear quartz Allspice, elfwort, spikenard Individuality, eccentricity, invention, unexpected events
Venus: Rose quartz, amethyst Rose, lavender, daffodil Love, beauty, lust, romance, friendships, family, relationships in general
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Witches’ Spell: Drought Relief Spell

Every witch knows that sometimes in life, a little rain must fall. The problems come when we need it to fall but it does not want to come. This is a spell designed to give a little help to nature when drought conditions are present. This spell is designed to draw the needed relief with a few simple items.

All you really need is a green candle, a cauldron or other fire safe container, a piece of parchment, some Dragon’s Blood ink, or even grape juice used as ink to complete this spell, and a bowl filled with natural water.

Inscribe the following verse on the piece of parchment, using either the Dragon’s Blood ink or natural grape juice. Allow it to dry and then work the spell outdoors at twilight. Read the spell, while tipping the bowl of water to allow the water to trickle out and spill gently on the ground.  Afterward, light the piece of parchment in the flame of the green candle and allow it to burn completely inside the cauldron or another fire safe container. When complete, scatter the ashes to the wind to draw the rain to earth.

Oppressive heat and summer’s bane
Once again we have no rain.
Flora, Fauna, suffer so,
Excessive dryness, it must go.
Wide-spread showers, let them come,
To bring relief to all not some,
For peoples, flowers, bugs and trees,
Lawns and animals, as you please.
Water drops for earth and stone,
From Maiden, Mother and the Crone.
With the power of these three,
As I will so mote it be.

As always, if the witch casting the spell wants to add a bit of extra assistance to the spell, they may anoint the candle with pansy oil, inscribe it with runes, or a personally created sigil to draw rain.

Another way to increase the efficacy of the spell is to use a pinch of cotton and a pinch of paprika. Add these to the center of the parchment spell after it has been spoken, and fold it closed to keep them inside. Tie this with a small length of green ribbon. Then, light it with the green candle and allow it to burn completely down inside the cauldron. Again, be certain to scatter the ashes to the wind in order to draw the rain to earth.

If the witch has rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or moonstone, setting a few pieces around the candle during the spell will add focus to drawing water to earth. Using a piece of fresh heather to sprinkle spring water or previously captured rainwater in a circle around the area will help the witch to draw the focus of the rain to earth.

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Witches’ Spell: Clear Communication with an Enemy

Eventually, in every person’s life, it becomes necessary to work with someone toward whom we feel nothing but animosity. They may be someone who simply rubs us the wrong way due to things they have said, or even, as with myself, someone who knows nothing about witches but hate us for religious reasons or due to their own agenda. It can grate on your nerves to even have to speak with the person, or look at them, but you are thrown together to solve a problem. You may be forced to work together on a project in class or on the job and yet, coming from two such different places, you may find it hard to communicate ideas because you speak at cross-purposes to one another unintentionally.

Such is life. Whether it is a requirement on the job, or in the classroom witches are not immune to these problems. However, as witches, we do have access to tools that will help us and make it easier for us to function toward a single goal, even with an enemy.

When you have to reach a temporary “cease-fire” with an enemy, here is a spell to help you get through to one another for the duration of the commitment. You will need to have a small vial of Dove’s Blood ink, a piece of parchment, a yellow candle and a cauldron or other fire safe container to allow the candle to burn down completely. When using your cauldron for candle burning, I suggest lining it with tin foil to make clean up easier.

First, cleanse your altar area, prepare yourself with ritual cleansing, deep breathing, grounding and centering, meditation, etc. whatever you normally do before your spell work. Then, make sure you have gathered all the items needed and have them at the ready. As you speak the first portion, visualize your energy and the energy of Maiden, Mother and Crone forming and blending together with your own. As you light the candle, see the energies blended into a single source.

Stand Maiden, Mother, Crone with me
I’ll meld with Holy Trinity
I set this candle now alight
Communication to set right

Turn now to the parchment and write the name of the person you are working with on it with the Dove’s Blood ink. As you stare at the name, visualize their face and think about their personality, visualize the clashes you have shared in the past. As you speak the next verse, see them fading to gray, like old film seen from a distance.

On parchment, I do write the name
To form as one a single frame
To set our minds on common ground
Where understanding may be found

Now, visualize the things you have in common with the person, even small things you have agreed with them about. In your mind let them become stronger and more vibrantly colored. Once you have several examples in mind, take the parchment with the person’s name, and hold it in the flame of the candle to set it alight and set it beside the candle in the cauldron to burn to ash as you speak the next lines.

I burn this name now to release
Make turbulence between us cease
Its smoke will rise into the air
A sense of clarity we’ll share

As you watch the smoke rise from the parchment, feel a sense of calmness toward the person, a new feeling of cooperation toward them and visualize the ease with which you will be able to work with this person toward solving the problem presented. Visualize working together to solve the problem, create the report, fix the issue, and then see yourself walking away with a “win” for the two of you as a team.

Together we will work as one
Until this problem’s work is done
Then when our work meets our accord
Our separate selfdoms be restored

Remember, you need to realize that even as you separate, you can work with this person again, in the future, if you need to do so, and it will not have to be a trial or something to dread.

Communication is the point
Once problem’s solved, we will disjoint
Disband from Holy Trinity
This spell is cast, so mote it be

Allow the candle to burn out completely and retain the stub and ashes from the parchment. Set them aside in a place where you can view them easily and send energy toward them daily until the issue has been completely resolved and then once the need for cooperative communication has ended, take the remains of the spell outside and bury it deep.

Inscribing the candle with runes, sigils, or anointing it with spell oil for communication can help to add layers to your spell. Choose a stone to include in the spell, anoint it with the same oil, and carry it in your pocket when dealing with the person, that way if you feel yourself losing patience you can hold it and focus your energy toward the person. As always, each witch has to determine how to make the spell their own, how to tweak the magick to meet their individual needs.