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Spell Chants: Simplicity Can Work Wonders

Sometimes a witch needs to get back to basics with a simple chant they may easily recite. It does not take a lot to make magick work for you, just specific intent, tight focus on the results needed, your belief in yourself, the power within you and around you. As they say, the rest is just the icing on the cake.

Granted, I am a great lover of icing, but it is not always a requirement. There are times that a grand ritual or ornately crafted spell is called for just as a grand wedding calls for a multi-tiered cake loaded with icing and pretty colors. However, for the simple things in life, a simple chant you can recite a few times, is sufficient, just as a nice pound cake will do on a Wednesday night of no occasion.

We will be adding a few simple chants for witches to use to the blog for those times when a grand ceremony is not necessary and we hope you enjoy them.