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Witches’ Spell: Get the Job (Interview Oil Recipe by Cunningham)

It does not take a witch with a crystal ball to know that interviewing for a new job is stressful and time consuming. Every potential interview is an opportunity for a witch to shine, or to feel inadequate depending upon how well we have prepared for it. Smartest things any witch can do are to update our resumes to the nth degree and prepare on a personal level for all eventualities.

Make a “Be” Witching Resume

Trim and pare until all that is left is your highest quality information. Target your mission statement and cover letter on every resume you hand out so that it stresses your strengths for that individual opportunity. Highlight skills specific to the job you are currently applying for, and note any degrees, awards and recognition you have achieved that strengthen your position. Make certain you have the best possible professional and personal references to tout what an amazing person you are both on the job and off.

Magickally: Use specific incense that targets your astrological strengths, or your elemental strengths to emphasize your worth to the company, burn it on your altar as you pass your completed resume through the smoke and cast a spell to imbue your resume with the power to sell your specific skill sets to everyone who reviews the resume. Create a buzz among the potential employers by using a tiny bit of the “Interview Oil” on the tips of your fingers to anoint the very tip of your resume corners. It should not be more than a hint of scent. You do not want it over powering their senses, just teasing them. When you arrive for the interview wearing the same scent, it will be a familiar scent by then and what is familiar is preferred. Use an invisible ink to draw a specialized sigil, rune, or glyph to accentuate skills and help you along.

Dress the Part

Make certain you choose clothing appropriate to the position. Launder them with unscented detergent so that you do not have a mixture of fragrances, which can prove distasteful to many interviewers. Make certain your clothing is freshly pressed, perfectly accessorized. Neither too much jewelry, nor too little, as both options are distracting. A simple watch and single ring for most interviewees is a good choice. If you have pierced ears, a simple stud, nothing too flashy works best. You are trying to sell your qualifications for the job, not your personal style and ability to accessorize.

Magickally: Use soft colors to accentuate how you want the interviewer to feel about you or, if possible, use a shade of blue that looks good on you. Blue being a color that signifies trustworthiness, calmness and sturdiness of character, you may as well use color magick in your favor, right? If you have a certain trait, you want to bring out in the interview, use a neutral color, and use your color magick in accessories. You may also empower your clothing with a magick spell or via ritual prior to donning it for the interview. Wear a special talisman under your clothes or carry it in a pocket. Make sure the jewelry you wear aids you in the interview, based on the metals or stones.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In a mirror, you can practice speaking about yourself, selling your talents and strong points without coming off as boastful or arrogant. Practice a confident smile for greeting, an open honest expression to show your interest as you listen to the interviewer. Practicing your interview ahead of time in a mirror and with others allows you an opportunity to master listening skills, express enthusiasm for the position, and rehearse your answers so they feel natural.

Magickally: If you know the name of the person who will interview you, create a simple parchment spell with Dragon’s Blood Ink or Lampblack Ink giving you control over the interviewer, simply by writing their name out vertically and creating “feelings” for them to experience during the interview with you. (An example of this is shown at the top of this page.) If you do not know the interviewer’s name, then draw a copy of the company logo and cross it with your qualifications and positive statements about your skills for the job.

Prepare with Care: Magickally

The day of the interview, allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. Take a cleansing bath to focus on the intent of removing negativity, enhancing your natural confidence and friendliness. Very, very lightly apply the Interview Oil so that it is more of “a hint” than “a scent”. You do not want it overpowering or obvious. Eat a healthy meal at least an hour before the interview to prevent embarrassing stomach rumbles or lightheaded feelings, carve power words, runes, glyphs or sigils into the food before eating it to ingest the power. Allow sufficient time to arrive so that you do not feel rushed and you have time to sit and do deep breathing and meditation to calm yourself and focus on your strengths before you enter the building for the interview.

Witches Interview Oil (Cunningham)

Ylang Ylang – 4 drops
Lavender – 3 drops
Rose – 1 drop

Use when attending an interview as it creates a favorable impression when worn very lightly, also helps to calm you.


As always, remember that as a witch, you can personalize a spell or ritual, add additional items to strengthen any spell work as you wish. Add New Moon Water to your cleansing bath to strengthen the focus on a new job. Carry specific stones, a small piece of charged metal, specific herbs in a pouch, etc. Always remember the only limit to the power of a witch’s spells and rituals is their imagination.