All Apologies

I have been trying to keep the content flowing and active, but I have a son who is in need of a bullwhip and a chair to tame him and corner him into doing his homework lately, so the blog has been slacking and I apologize for the delays.

Those who know me in real life will understand that I am serious when I say I have 67 items in the works. All are already in some form of completion for addition to the blog. I have pulled out old data from the original website started back in 1996, almost two decades ago, back when I first began teaching myself web design, first started putting up the recipes, information and ideas, that the coven created. I have been updating the info from the original SHC site with the newer information I have been using and moving around each time I upgrade computers. Getting three of four varied wordings to spells and reading the results to see which was the best. Cleaning up the deplorable writing I did when I was sleep deprived from having a 3 1/2 year old son and two 2 year old sons to tend to while learning HTML, and a husband fond of overtime to keep us all fed, housed, and clothed. LOL

It is slow going and I hope you will bear with me. Now that the boys are 19, 18 and 18, they are somewhat less time consuming. Only trouble now are the recent additions to the household and one who likes to cause chaos, but that one is finding that I am not as easy a mark for chaos as I used to be last time I moved them in with me almost a decade ago to help them the first time, or when they shared a space at my sister’s while the boys and I were there while fixing up the old house and finding this one when I was paying their food and needs while my sister gave them free utilities, a roof and bedding. Now, I let them know when they are treading thin ice.

If that one actually pushes until they break the ice, family or not, I will have no problem with showing them the outside of the front door as I will not have the additional stress in my and the boys lives. We have our own lives to live, tend to and do not need to deal with someone else’s manufactured drama.

Point being was not to vent, though I did so anyway, but to let you know, I have not forgotten you, or the blog, and I will be back full time ASAP.

Thank you for the visits and comments as I really enjoy hearing from you all!