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From the Forums: Real Pagans Are… by Kieran Tala Dawnshadow

~~~Bloggers Note: Kieran is a smart and savvy woman. She can put up with a lot of crap in group discussions before she “puts her foot down” verbally. She is very even-tempered and extremely bright. We have had many good conversations in group, on each other’s walls and in private messages. She recently decided she had enough of the silliness that occasionally goes on in our group discussions and made her point quite well in the following post. It is a point that I believe can be used on every witch’s wall to remind all who stop by and read that there are many paths and only you can choose your path. At the same time, remember, you cannot choose or dictate a path for anyone else.

For some reason a great many of the interesting posts seem to come from the same handful of people, one of whom is Kieran. She is not a part of SacredHandsCoven and I have never been graced to meet her IRL, but from what I have read of her posts and the conversations we’ve had, she strikes me as one of those women you want to hang out with in a kitchen, trading recipes and cooking all night while talking over life, the universe and everything! Thanks for permission to post, Kieran!~~~

I am getting really sick of people trying to dictate what “real pagans” are or should be. I try, I really try, to let it roll off my back, but after a while, the absolute ignorance just starts to be too much. So, for anyone who hasn’t been reading the recent posts (for which you are blameless), let me lay this out for you.


  • are (mono or poly) theists, atheists, and deists;
  • vote republican, democrat, green, or independent;
  • do harm or do no harm;
  • are male, female, trans, or questioning;
  • are gay, straight, bi, pan, or asexual;
  • revere nature, believe in science;
  • mostly study, mostly practice;
  • go/went to college, didn’t receive formal education;
  • hold hate in their hearts, hold no hate in their hearts;
  • they are liberal, conservative, and moderate;
  • they believe that our fate is in the gods’ hands, or that it is in our hands;
  • they are vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters;
  • they believe in karma, or don’t.

We all found our faiths in different ways and for different reasons, and we all live our lives in different ways, too! So for the love of god/gods/goddess/whatever, can everybody please stop trying to shame and scare others into doing what you think they should be doing, or more specifically, conforming to your personal definition of what a pagan should be?

It’s long past old.

~~~ Want to read more from Kieran? Check out her blog: ~~~


6 thoughts on “From the Forums: Real Pagans Are… by Kieran Tala Dawnshadow

  1. Author forgets facts like the list she makes its not for the whole world and still covers not everyone but it does get point over that every person is not same.


    • She writes from her perspective or point of view. You are right that she does not, nor could she, cover every possibility. Her point is that anyone can be a “real” witch and that the people who say someone is not a “real” witch due to their own narrowly defined parameters of what makes a “real” witch are wrong. A witch can be or not be anything they choose.


  2. Очень хорошая страница я посетить его часто и наслаждаться его много


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