SHC Amethyst

Witches’ Tools: Crystals and Stones Correspondence

Name Correspondences
Acmite Spiritual Strength, Protect Valuables, Character Building, Self-Confidence, Personal Harmony
Actinolite Harmony, Strength, Protection, Patience, Balance of All Levels of Self, Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence
Adamite Courage, Inner Strength, Emotional Issues, Success in Business, Problem Solving, Innovation, Inspiration
Adularia Clairvoyance, Divination, Acuity, Spiritual Guidance, Physical Health, Intuition, Longevity
Agate Growth, Healing, Meditation, Grounding, Protection (Many different properties are found in different agates based on their composition.)
Agrellite Cure addiction, Distance Healing, Heal the Spirit, Uncover Secrets, Independence, Potential, Self-Respect
Alabaster Clarity, Mental Health, Forgiveness, Meditation
Alexandrite Forgiveness, Manifestation, Balance, Good Fortune, Happiness, Enhance Constitution
Amazonite Restore Balance Between Body and Soul, Strength, Stamina, Insight
Amber Relieve Depression, Balance Chakras, Spark Creativity, Intelligence, Healing,
Amethyst Spirituality, Cures Headaches, Calms the Soul, Healing, Increase Psychic Abiity, Protection, Repel Negativity, Divination, Meditation, Tranquility
Angeite Relieves Stress, Astral Travel, Communicate with Spirit Guides, Protection, Aid with Relationships, Psychic Enhancement
Apache Tear Relieve Grief, Meditation, Guide Intuition, Centering, Grounding, Promoting Peace, Good Luck
Apatite Unblock Chakras, Weight Loss, Self-Confidence, Creativity, Meditations, Calms the Mind, Enhance Psychic Abilities
Aquamarine Protection, Courage, Spirituality, Increase Awareness, Tranquility, Inspiration
Aventurine Healing, Relieve Stress, Increase Vitality, Centering, Enhance Spirit, Balance Energies
Azurite Divination, Energy Work, Psychic Guidance, Erase Illusion, Meditation, Aid Honesty, Enhance Psychic Abilities, Promote Intuition
Barite Enhance Relationships, Healing, Tranquility, Increase Motivation, Build Independence
Basalt Strength, Stability, Patience, Relieve Stress, Grounding, Centering,
Bentonite Astra Travel, Innovation, Intuition, Align Energy, Communication, Simplifies Vision
Beryl Calmness, Meditation, Psychic Awareness
Bismuth Energy Work, Transformative Magick, Tranquility, Connect with the Divine
Bloodstone Divination, Energy Work, Personal Renewal, Healing, Love Relationships, Courage, Increase Clarity, Charity
Blue Calcite Creativity, Healing, Grounding, Balance, Emotional Health,
Blue Celestite Angelic Realms, Clear Perspective, Detachment, Divine Inspiration
Blue Lace Agate Feminine Qualities, Gracefulness, Gentleness, Peace, Astral Travel, Inspiration, Intuition, Communication,
Calcite Energy Work, Confidence, Distance Healing, Create Harmony, Self-Esteem, Balance, Meditation, Stress Relief, Optimism,   Stability, Sexuality, Love, Passion, Vitality
Carnelian Will Power, Communication, Ease Sorrows, Balance, Dispel Rage, Self-Confidence, Good Fortune, Astral Travel, Banish Nightmares, Increase Perception
Chalcanthite Eliminate Distractions, Achieve Goals, Speak Eloquently, Healing
Chalcedony Generosity, Good Will, Charity, Kindness, Balance Energies, Encourage Cooperation, Emotional Stability, Reduce Sadness, Peaceful Dreams,
Chrysocolla Enhance Earth Magicks, Communication with Spirits, Relieve Stress, Banish Negativity, Restore Body, Mind, Spirit connection
Chrysoprase Increase Intuition, Balance, Harmony, Enhance Meditation, Relieve Depression, Strengthen Vitality
Citrine Personal Wealth, Joy, Mental Acuity, Clarity of Thought, Confidence, Connection to the Divine, Increase Creativity
Clear Quartz Energy Work, Cleansing Body, Mind and Soul, Focus on Spirituality, Healing, Purification, Protection
Coral Banish Depression, Enhance Intuition, Reach Goals, Inner Peace
Cymophane Self-Awareness, Balance Emotions, Tranquility, Enhance Intelligence
Diamond Strength, Healing, Will Power, Abundance, Communicate with the Divine, Trust
Dolomite Stamina, Energy Work, Destiny, Banish Sorrow, Charity, Wisdom
Emerald Harmony, Balance Emotions, Increase Spirituality, Compassion, Love, Truth, Centering
Fairy Stone Good Luck, Earth Magicks, Abundance, Protection from Evil Spirits, Prosperity
Fluorite Relieve Stress, Mental Clarity, Improved Mental Functions, Cleanse Aura and Chakras, Bring Peace, Healing and Protection from Disease, Encourage Tidiness and Order, Psychic Abilities
Fuchsite Earth Magicks, Elemental Magicks, Beauty, Detect Illness, Healing, Ease Insomnia, Wisdom, Understanding
Fulgerite Divination, Forecasting, Communication with the Divine, General Communication
Garnet Enhance Life vitality, Banish Negativity, Commitment to Partner, Creativity, Devotion and Love, Passion
Golden Quartz Healing, Promote Understanding, Cleansing, Restore Natural Balance to Body, Create Harmony
Green Quartz Attract Success, Prosperity and Abundance, Aid Relationships, Enhance Intuition, Energy Work
Gypsum Luck Drawing, Growth, Peacefulness, Energy Work
Halite Ease Menopause, Promote Independent Thought, Promote Good Will,
Heiodor Personal Power, Personal Strength, Increase Intuition, Enhance Insight, Perception
Hematite Optimism, Energy Work, Strength, Relieve Stress, Grounding, Increase Charisma
Hypersthene Aid for Meditation, Relationships, Self-Respect, Enhance Psychic Powers, Divination
Iolite Increase Personal Awareness, Banish Trouble, Harmony, Astral Travel, Strengthen Psychic Gifts
Jade Healing, Balance, Love, Joy, Courage, Beauty, Realize Dreams, Wisdom, Justice, Prosperity
Jasper Generosity of Spirit, Organization and Order, Meditation, Calm, Protection, Grounding, Healing, Love, Balancing Spirit, Divination, Peace,
Jet Grief, Banish Fear, Relieve Depression, Protection from Violence, Grounding and Centering, Energy Manipulation
Kunzite Centering Chakras, Energy Work, Strength, Love, Relieve Stress, Personal Power, Confidence, Stop Anger, Bring Harmony, Wisdom, Generosity, Stimulate Intelligence,
Kyanite Cleanse Aura, Meditation, Dreams, Visualization, Banish Negativity, Balance Chakras, Ground and Center, Channeling, Communication with Spirit World, Earth Magicks
Labradorite Patience, Strength, Constitution, Balance Aura, Meditation, Promote Mental Clarity and Acuity, Enhance Psychic Abilities, Draw Success, Assist with Change
Lapis Lazuli Creativity, Psychic Abilities, Fidelity, Protection, Wisdom, Peace, Love, Spiritual Communication
Lazurite Psychic Abilities, Astral Travel, Increase Intuition, Communicate via Channeling, Visions, Audible Means, Lucid Dreaming
Lodestone Attraction, Fidelity, Money, Guidance, Increase Endurance, Protection, Grounding, Depression Relief, Access and see Duality of Nature
Malachite Material Wealth, Abundance, Good Fortune, Assist with Changes, Clearing Chakras, Spiritual Growth, Love, Romance, Pure Heart, Protection During Travel, Balance Your Energies
Meteorite Energy Work, Psychic Abilities, Growth, Meditation, Spirituality, Channeling
Moonstone Protection During Travel, Nature Magick, Nurture Magicks, Good Fortune, Connecting to the Divine, Intuition, Divination, Creativity, Truth
Moss Agate Gardening, Planting, All Earth Work, Efficiency, Abundance, Strength, Balances Emotions
Muscovite Clarity of Vision, Align Chakras, Energy Work, Tolerance
Obsidian Grounding, Protection, Deflect Negativity, Scrying, Divination, Meditation, Wisdom, Relaxation, Define Path, Intellectual Growth, Relieve Stress
Onyx Energy Work with Nature, Inspiration, Constitution, Perseverance, Emotional Balance, Self-Control
Opal Remove Negativity, Enhance Spirituality, Stress Relief, Emotional Balance, Grounding, Increase Mental Acuity, Enhance Imagination, Enhance Wisdom, Balance Emotions, Assist with Change, Creativity
Peach Agate Tranquility, Self-Acceptance, Self-Confidence
Peacock Ore (Bornite) Inspiration, Healing, Protection from Negativity
Peridot Enhance Energy, Prosperity, Healing, Marriage, Find Lost Objects, Abundance
Petrified Wood Relieve Frustration, Personal Growth, Assist with Change, Physical Healing, Enhance Adaptability, Inspiration, Courage
Rhodochrosite Courage, Earth Magicks, Promotes Respect and Love for Earth, Strength, Cleansing and Balancing Heart Chakra, Achieve Persona Harmony
Rhodonite Promotes Charity, Good Will, Centering, Relieve Stress, Increase Mental Acuity, Grounding, Enhance Love
Rose Quartz Love, Family, Relationships, Tolerance, Friendship, Compassion, Forgiveness, Creativity, Physical Beauty
Ruby Romantic Love, Integrity, Fidelity, Peace in Relationship, Divination, Psychic Protection, Prosperity, Generosity, Charity
Rutilated Quartz Love, Nurture Magicks, Assist with Change, Repels Negativity and Heavy Energies
SandStone Enhance Judgment, Truth, Mental Clarity, Assist with Change
Sapphire Increased Spirituality, Connection to Higher Self, Concentration, Healing, Meditation, Dreams, Communication, Intuition, Prosperity, Awareness, Relieve Frustrations
Sardonyx Marital Happiness, Protection, Strength, Courage, Integrity, Will Power, Vitality, God Fortune
Selenite Energy Work, Healing, Promotes Mental Acuity and Clarity, Past Lives, Cleanse Chakras, Meditation, Assist with Change
Smoky Quartz Relieve Grief and Depression, Healing, Sexuality, Dreams, Past Lives, Channeling, Spiritual Growth and Balance, Grounding, Strength, Centering
Sodalite Helps with Mental Acuity and Clarity, Wisdom, Communication, Logic, Promotes Truth and Honesty, Peacemaking, Good Judgment, Rationality, Knowledge, Intelligence, Creativity, Self-Expression
Strawberry Quartz Energy Work, Stimulate Heart Chakra, Enhance Love for Others, Promote Connection to Nature
Sugilite Promotes tolerance and Acceptance, Forgiveness, Banishes Unwanted Energies, Healing, Manifests Natural Gifts, Provides Psychic Protection, Cleanses and Strengthens Aura
Tangerine Quartz Promote Understanding, Enhance Compassion, Calming, Order, Increase Positivity,
Tanzanite Enhances Spirituality, Visions and Psychic Power, Will Power, Communication with Spirits, Relieve Depression, Banishes Negativity
Tiger Eye Grounding, Integrity, Will Power, Insight, Courage, Prosperity, Intuition, Prosperity, Good Luck, Increase Perception, Confidence, Balance
Topaz True Love, Joy, Happiness, Courage, Creativity, Self-Confidence, Enhance Psychic Power, Tranquility
Tourmaline Purity, Protection, Healing, Banish Negativity, Relieve Stress, Inspiration, Earth Magicks, Compassion, Awareness
Turquoise Creates Balance with Nature, Others and Self, Meditation, Communication, Absorbs Negativity and Harmful Vibrations, Sparks Creativity, Brings Peace of Mind
Vivianite Provides Strength in Adversity, Increases Self-Esteem, Cleanses Chakras, Mental Clarity, Increase Peace, Love and Compassion
Zircon Clears Vision and Permits True Sight, Constitution, Dexterity, Stamina, Energy Work