There is No Such Thing as an Evil Witch. Wrong!

This post comes about due to a conversation with a large selection of fellow witches, druids, pagans, LHPs etc. in one of the groups online. The comment a friend started to remind people who were new to the group (and possible to witchcraft, too) never to believe those who say that there is no such thing as an evil witch. This is not only a flat out lie, but it is a dangerous lie, as well.

Only a naive idiot, someone brand new to the craft, someone from the IRAB (“I read a book”) tradition or someone delusional would make such a statement. Of course, there are evil witches, evil pagans, and even evil Wiccans, no matter what people in this latter group are fond of spouting online and in books. Many of the Wiccans want to act as if only love and light exist in the world of witchcraft and Wiccans. They even try to take it several steps further and say that any “real” witches do not do harmful, binding, or controlling magick at all. This is a blatant lie, as well.

These people are either criminally insane or criminally stupid. If they want to make the statement that they do not do these types of magick, fine. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they actually do adhere to the strictures against it in their rules. However, to make a blanket statement that “no Wiccan” or no “real” witch does and to encourage others, especially new witchlings, to believe these lies is inexcusable. That is like saying that no person who identifies as Christian ever steals. It is as ridiculous as saying no Muslim, ever cheat on their spouses, no Buddhist ever swats a mosquito, etc.

Too many Wiccans are guilty of spreading the lie of “no evil witches” which I find interesting because they are supposed to be bound to do no harm in word or deed, according to their laws. Nevertheless, spreading this lie most certainly is harmful. Sadly, I have found that their laws are much like the laws of other religions. The laws exist more as a “do as I say, not as I do” type situation for a majority of the practitioners.

These types forget, do not care, or ignore the fact that some people are going to do evil, no matter what. If some people disguise themselves as “sweet, little, fluffy-bunny Wiccans”, when they are not, then, with the books and the propaganda everywhere online stating that all Wiccans are good witches and do only white magick, these predators have easy pickings. They can hide in plain sight and watch the innocent young witchlings flocking to witchcraft and go after only the most tender and unsuspecting victims.

Make no mistake about it; just as sexual predators hang out in teen-centric chat rooms, they also make camp in witchcraft related chat rooms. After all the demographics of Wiccans are estimated being 30% to 40% aged 25 and under. These are prime ages for sexual predators at the very least, not to mention all the other predators who are after other things than sex.

Just one particular group I belong to has almost thirty thousand members, worldwide. Several in this group openly admit to being predators of various sorts. Some members admit to playing the “fluffy bunny” card. After they have an acolyte in training, only then, do they reveal their true path to the young witching. Some admit to targeting youths as young as 18 years of age, I suspect, but cannot prove that some target people even younger, whether for sex or magick the young one is unprepared for, does not matter. In my opinion, both are equally reprehensible. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is worldwide and the advent of the internet simply makes it easier for the evil ones to gain access to the inexperienced and immature witches who do not know any better.

A great rule of thumb to use, if you are in a large group and you see someone spreading the lies of “only love and light” on any specific path, step up and speak up. The oft-quoted Mill said, “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” It is absolutely correct as we discovered in the last century, as genocide after genocide occurred around the world, while “good men” stood by and did nothing more than watch.

Though I am not Wiccan, by any stretch of the imagination, I do however hold a personal tenet that requires me to do as little harm as possible. As such, I will speak up when I see this occurring. I also warn the new witchlings that if they ask a question and suddenly someone is asking them to go into a private message, instead of speaking in the open forum, the witchling should tread cautiously. These are usually predatory people seeking to separate the witching from the protection of the group. If they have something of value to a public discussion post, or an answer to a publicly posted question, there is no need to go “private”. Typically, the ones insisting on privacy are up to something unsavory, or know that the more experienced witches in the group can “out” their information as poppycock. As such, they seek to seem “mysterious” to the witchling, by acting as if the witchling is so very special and the predator is only sharing with them due to a unique bond between them. Ask other, established witches in the group, what they know about the person. You may think that because you are online, you are “safely” beyond their reach. Do not believe it; we are talking about people who work with magick, Gods, Demons, energy, etc. Give out the wrong information and you are not safe, anywhere.

Be careful of the information you share with strangers, magickal strangers especially. Do not give your school name. Even giving your school mascot and the state you are in can lead to your location if the person is experienced. Photos of your home, your neighborhood, posting from a phone that logs your GPS, and you would be surprised how quickly someone or something nasty finds you. The witch does not have to travel, after all, only send something sentient with orders to report back. You think “Big Brother” is scary. You have no idea what they may be working within real life. Do not take a chance with your safety or the safety of your nearby loved ones.

The most important lesson you can learn is to think for yourself. If someone is telling you that “all” of any group is strictly one way or another, chances are, you have smoke in your nether regions. Be a smart witch, protect your safety, protect your identity, and location. Once you have something tracking or spying on you, it is too late, at that point all you can do is start gathering information on what it is and how to get rid of it. Some things are easier than others to repel. If you do not already have a protective witches jar set up, do so immediately! I do not have instructions on the blog yet, but there are many reputable resources on the Internet. Witches and witchlings should always think protection first, curiosity second.