Witches’ Spell: Breaking a Bad Habit

Witches are people, too, and as people, we are all prone to adopting bad habits. We all have them, even witches, no matter how devoutly we wished we did not. We all want to lose them, right? The question is: Do we want to lose these bad habits enough to cast a spell to make them go away? To cast, or not to cast, that is the question.

As for me, the biggest, “baddest” habit I have, is annoying, costly and not at all good for me, yes. Sadly, I am quite fond of it, thank you very much. Aye, there is the rub! I know it is bad for me. I know I would be better off without it, so much healthier. Do I cast a spell to break this bad habit, even though I enjoy it? Is it time?

Witches have to decide for themselves: When is enough, enough? For those witches who decided that the time is right, this spell will help you break the bad habit you are ready to be rid of, just be certain you want it gone. As with all magick, the intent you put behind the spell must be clear. No waffling in your decision or the spell will not work.

You will need:

  • Cauldron (or other large fireproof container)
  • Tinfoil (To line the fireproof container for easy clean up)
  • Black Candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • Pin, awl or other carving tool
  • Parchment
  • Pen with Lampblack ink (for more power Dragon’s Blood ink would be ideal)
  • Black ribbon or thread
  • Dragon’s Blood oil
  • Dried rue

Start with preparing for your spell; gather the items you need, prepare your altar area or sacred space. Do your deep breathing, grounding, and centering. Cast a circle if you prefer to work within a circle, call on deities, the help of favorite entities, your loved ones, whatever you need in order to make this a solemn vow in your heart and mind.

After which, when you are ready to begin, you will take the black candle and carve into it the name of the habit you intend to break. Anoint the candle with Dragon’s Blood oil from the center to the top and then from center to bottom. Remember when you are anointing the candle to move in widdershins to align the candle to send away the focus of your spell.

Take a piece of parchment about three or more inches squared. On one side, put the name of the bad habit, when it first became a habit in your life, the problems you have because of the habit, what it has cost you in the past, what it will cost you in the future. Then, tell it goodbye in writing and that you are finished with it. Actually, put it into words.

For Example: The one I should be doing.stop smoking, break bad habits,

Once you put it into words, take a pinch or two of dried rue, put it into the center of the parchment, and fold it into thirds, around the rue. Then turn the parchment 90 degrees and fold it the other way into thirds, locking the rue into the center of the parchment. Use a piece of black ribbon or black thread to tie the parchment into this closed position.

Make certain you have a cauldron (lined with tin foil) or another large, fire safe container handy. Set the candle to one side of the tin foil lining in the container, and set the parchment packet to one side. When you are ready to begin, light the candle and recite the following:

I have a habit I must break,
So with this candle I now make,
A vow to set the habit by,
My longing for it now will die.
* I burn it now in effigy,
And thus release my remedy.
The rue inside breaks habit’s curse,
As it now can no more coerce,
Thus by fire’s power I am free,
Now, as I will so mote it be.

*Once you have reached the midpoint of the spell, take the packet with the habit and the rue inside, and set a corner aflame as you peak the words, “I burn it now in effigy”. As the smoke and flames begin, set it inside the fireproof container, like your cauldron, on the opposite side from the candle.

Focus on seeing your habit, literally going up in flames, and feel it dissipating as the smoke dissipates. As you see the packet disappear and watch the candle shrink, feel the desire within you shrinking as well. Know that when the spell is finished, so will your desire for the bad habit be finished. Allow the candle and parchment, both, to burn out naturally. This is why you have them in a fireproof container, so that you can walk away from them without fearing that you will set your home on fire.

If you choose to make the spell stronger, you can create a sigil for the parchment packet (as I did at the top of this post) and infuse it with the desire you felt for the habit, as it burns, it will also help to release the habits, hold on you. If you have a small bottle, you make place the ashes and the wax remains into the bottle after the spell is complete, and cast it into fast moving water to carry it far away from you. Casting the spell at a specific time, day, and season is helpful in strengthening the spell for success. As always, the only limit a witch has in designing their spell work is their imagination. Use this spell as it is, or feel free to modify it to suit your specific needs. To each witch their own devices, after all!

14 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Breaking a Bad Habit

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    • Miky, you can try to do it for your husband, however if he performs it for himself the success is going to be far more likely. If you are trying to cure him of a “dangerous” habit, let me know and I will work with you to come up with something you can cast that will be more likely to work from your end.


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