Energy Drained or Excessive Energy after Spell Work

Many times when witches are performing spell work, crafting magickal items, performing rituals, etc. we are working with a great deal of energy. Some witches prefer to use their own energy exclusively and other witches prefer to pull together energies from our surroundings. For certain spells, we may choose to target specific energies from specific elements within our surroundings or collect energies for the purpose ahead of time. Depending upon the way each particular witch chooses and uses energy, it may leave us feeling drained, mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted or all three. Other times we may feel so excited we feel like we are about to “jump out of our skin” or so highly energized that we can barely focus on putting one foot in front of the other, long after the work is done.

Here are some of the ideas that work for us, or that we have discussed with others as valid ways to get rid of the exhausted and thoroughly drained feeling one can get after doing some serious energy work, or to spend, loosen, or send the excess energy away and get back to normal. Each process has been tried and vetted by at least one of the witches we know; some are popular among the masses. I am certain you can guess which ones are most popular. 😉

Drained Energy:

  • Eat or drink something high-carb and sugary – If you need a short burst of energy quickly, this is the same methodology behind eating cookies and drinking juice after giving blood. You need to put something into your body that gives a quick burst of energy. Six to eight ounces of fruit juice and a few cookies will get the job done and keep you going for an hour or so, before the carb crash starts.
  • Take a leisurely stroll and let the beauty of nature and its energy seep into you – It is well known that exercise increases your energy level, so take a walk around the block or down the lane and back, as the energy rises, let the beauty soak in as well.
  • Tap a nap – If you are completely exhausted, then lie down and have a power-nap for 15 to 20 minutes. It is just long enough to bring energy levels back up without making you groggy when you wake or allowing so much rest you cannot sleep at your normal time.
  • Get a good night’s rest – If it is evening anyway, or close to your normal bedtime, just tuck in a bit early, as there is no reason you cannot enjoy some extra rest. Most adults run on a sleep deficit as it is.
  • Eat a bowl of oatmeal, a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit – If you still have a while before bedtime and need a longer lasting energy boost without the post snack crash, a health meal of long release carbs, protein, and sugars will keep you on your feet when you need it.
  • Watch an enjoyable movie that makes you laugh – If you have no pressing needs and just want to recharge in order to feel better, watch a favorite movie that you know can make you laugh. Laughter is great medicine for low energy.
  • Call your best friend and talk about adventures in the past or plan a future adventure – Nothing can perk us up like reminiscing about the fun we have had with a best friend, or silly escapades enjoyed together, unless it is planning fun together for the future.


Excess energy:

  • Deep breathing and meditation – Using deep breathing and meditation to get control of the energies coursing through you may take a bit more focus and practice, but it allows you to retain and harness the energy within for later use.
  • Play with your children If you have children, you know they can be exhausting at play. Take the opportunity of excess energy to play it out on your kids’ level and see if you can exhaust them before they exhaust you! Create a new game, play tag, or another energy intensive game to burn your excess energy off.
  • Use it to empower or create magickal tools – When you are already all charged up, why not put the energy to use? If you have tools to complete or new tools to empower, charge the tools using the energy present, already, to save time in the future. Just remember to make certain the energies you are using are suitable for the tool creation at hand.
  • Recharge any lagging magickal items – If you raised a great deal of energy and have tools lying about which have been used multiple times and you needed to recharge them, why not take care of the issues while you have energy to spare?
  • Release it back into nature through a spell – There are spells whose entire purpose is to release excess energy into the cosmos for reuse. Divorcing yourself of extra energy in this way is a quick and easy fix.
  • Climb in bed and read a good book – If you have time to spare and enjoy reading, pick up a favorite book and unwind between the pages. Enjoy the extra energy by visualizing as you read and really make those characters come to life!
  • Mundane crafts which require no thought and build no energy – Keeping your hands busy while your mind calms down is as easy as picking up your knitting, writing a short story, painting your feelings and emotions out. Whatever hobbies or mundane crafts you enjoy can get an extra boost from the energy flowing into them.
  • A nice hot shower – If you are too wired to even sit still, set your shower as hot as you can stand and give yourself a vigorous scrubbing, allowing the energy to flow away with the water and return to the earth naturally.
  • Sex – Need to get the energy out and have a partner at home? A good long romp between the sheets can work off an amazing amount of excessive energy, not to mention improving your health through the vigorous exercise.
  • A warm salt bath while sipping a nice glass of wine – If you want to allow the energy to ooze out while you focus on using bits of it as it departs, this will work wonders of those of drinking age who enjoy wine. If you do not like wine or are under age, any favorite beverage will work. A glass of iced tea or cup of hot, a favorite soda, or even a glass of milk works wonders. What matters is the act of savoring it and the time spent allowing the energy to drain slowly away.
  • Use a relaxation oil blend or incense while you bathe – If you have a relaxation blend of oil you can use in the bath or even incense targeted for relaxation that you can burn beside the tub. Sit back and soak while you breathe in the aroma and/or soak in it to enjoy the time as the energy drains into the water and away.
  • Use energy to create a new spell or ritual you have been wanting – If you are in an active mental state due to the excess energy, but can still focus, use the energy to create and new spells or rituals you have been thinking about creating. Now that you have the energy focus it into your creative process and just see how much you can accomplish.
  • Sit or lie on the ground and send leftover energy back into the earth – If you are feeling pensive and passive and wanting a closer connection to Mother Earth, anyway, why not lie back and look to the nighttime stars or daytime clouds/sky and allow the earth to reclaim the energy. If you are a treehugger like me, sit or lie at the base of your favorite tree and allow the energy to seep into it to bring you closer together.
  • Sit and dangle your feet in a natural body of water – If you have a lake, stream, or brook which is safe enough for you to sit beside, dip your feet in, and you can send the energy back to nature via a body of water. Swimming pools do not work because they are cement structures and do not allow the water to be absorbed properly back to earth, however, a swimming hole,  shallow, quick flowing streams or creeks, even a stroll through the tides of the ocean work marvelously.

This post covered some ideas for what witches can do after working with energy. Some of the ideas are blatantly obvious; some may be a bit odd sounding. Whether the idea is magickal or mundane, does not really matter. The efficacy of the practice is what we are seeking to share with witches and we hope that if you have ideas and practices to share, that you will share your ideas with us, as well.

11 thoughts on “Energy Drained or Excessive Energy after Spell Work

  1. Some great information I never thought of before. This blog is becoming a favorite because it has so much helpful stuff on it.


  2. today i did energy exercise for the fist dime to rise the control of my energy , i always have strong sense of energy on my hands and became almost hurtful if i did nothing so i put my energy in tool that i had near and i imediately felt asleep for 2 hours.
    I assume that i have strong energy but how can i control it if all the time that i use it i have to sleep at least on hour?
    thank you for this article but someone maybe can give me some tips?


    • Pauline,

      It sounds like you are having trouble controlling the energy you have or maybe you are subconsciously pulling more than you can handle from the world around you. This is not at all uncommon when one first begins working with power. Perhaps you can set specific and regular times during your day when you discharge any excess energy you are feeling. It does not have to be given to your tools, though if they are close at hand, why not. If you are out in the world and feel the energy buzzing through you, touch a tree, bush, plant, or if you need to, a building and allow the energy to flow from you, through this item and back into the earth. I knew someone who had to do this every few hours for a few years until the person managed to control the energy they unconsciously drew for the elements around them. You can create a simple and very short spell you can think to trigger the release of energy, you may create a specific hand signal that is unique to you, or even a single word which you speak, whisper, or think to trigger the release. The more often you work with the energy you raise and pull from around you, the easier it will become.

      I hope this helps.


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