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Witchery: The Law of Attraction


Witches have been using the law of attraction for ages, which makes it all that much more amusing when we look around and see it praised everywhere on television, in books and magazines. It seems the rest of the world is starting to catch up to witches and practice magick right along with us, without even realizing it. Do the phrases “mind over matter” and “the power of positive thinking” sound familiar? They should as they have been touted for decades as ways to achieve our desires. This is very much in line with the way witches use magick. Magick is all about bending the powers, energies all around us to achieve what we desire.

The “law of attraction” concept has been around for at least one hundred years or so in written format. Undoubtedly, it dates back even further as a basic thought process. In the past decade, it has enjoyed a popular resurgence in thought application, which stretches across religious and socio-economic boundaries. What amuses me is the great number of people who act as if this is something new and miraculous, which is going to change their lives over night. Little do people seem to realize it is not a “magick pill” to cure their ills. All too often, people do not realize that it is not as simple as these modern books and television programs try to make people believe. It requires a great deal more effort than they claim.

In reality, the process requires you to decide what it is you are going to manifest through the law of attraction. You have to choose something realistic and something that you are sincerely in need of and have a clear-cut focus on how it needs to manifest. Just deciding that you want a mansion, does not mean that you will wake up one morning in a mansion. You have to decide if you need a mansion or just a larger house. The universal energy, your specific deities, the cosmos, or whatever it is you believe in, may have some say in what you receive as well. Asking for the moon when you do not need it may garner a chuckle at your expense more that the fruition of your intent.

We also need to remember that the energy that we use to focus on attracting our desires is not the only energy we use each day. As the day progresses from point to point, the thoughts we have are forms of energy as well. When you allow yourself to get frustrated, angry, or feel negativity that is energy as well. Those forms of energy are just as powerful, so using the law of attraction becomes a balancing act. You need to focus on your energy for attraction in spite of everything else that occurs during your day.

Once you have decided your intent, you need to focus your will. Write it down on parchment, draw it, cut out a picture, and put it in an easily seen location; each time you see or read the intent again, take time to think about it as if it is already on its way to you. Spend time thinking about how good it will be when it arrives and have grateful you are to have it. For example, if you envision a larger home, think about where you will place the furniture. Imagine the extra room that you need as already existing. Think how good it feels to have room to walk around without bumping into your furnishings. Choose the colors of paint you will put on the walls, decide where you want to hang your art. See it existing as yours.

Be thankful for receiving it. Thank the cosmos, your deities, and the universal energy, for what you are receiving. Be happy about it, smile when you think of it and allow yourself to be overjoyed with your new possession. Plan how you will celebrate using it and plan with detailed intent. Remember it is yours and you are getting it so you deserve to be happy about it and thrilled from the top of your head to the bottoms of your toes. It is a great new possession and you deserved it so it will arrive. When it does arrive, remember the plans you made and the joyous feelings you had. Thank the powers that be and burn the parchment, writing or pictures in a celebration rite of thanksgiving to those powers.

Words of caution, however, need to be said as well. Just as you cannot manifest a mansion on the turn of a dime, when it is unnecessary, there are other things that determine the outcome as well. You need to remember that we are here for certain reasons. There are lessons that we are supposed to be learning in this incarnation. Just because you want a life of unrestricted ease, does not mean that you need it or should have it. If you try removing every roadblock in life via the law of attraction, you are doomed to either disappointment or to repeating this incarnation both good and bad. No one is meant just to cruise through life experiencing only the best of life. Even the uber-wealthy have trials and tribulations, per se to deal within their incarnations. It is how we learn. If we do not learn and grow in this incarnation, we will be back with the opportunities to learn again, in the next.

Speaking for myself, there is no way by Hel, I want to have a re-do of this particular incarnation. I have many things I dealt with, many extremely painful lessons learned. I will continue to learn all I can in this incarnation specifically so I can come back with a bit less to deal with next time, if possible. This means, I am not going to allow ego do drive my work with the law of attraction. I do not need a fancy car imported from Italy, no matter how much I enjoyed driving the one an ex-boyfriend owned. I do not need a mansion, either. This five-bedroom house seems to fit myself, my three sons, my brother, his pregnant daughter, her teen son, her one-year-old, the three cats and two dogs, sufficiently well. Now I may change my mind when the newest baby comes along and is crying every two hours in the beginning. However, I am smart enough to recognize that I do not need every material thing that is advertised, nor do I want them.

As long as we approach the law of attraction from a standpoint of reality and need, it works wonderfully well; it is when greed and ego get involved that things start to go awry. Smart witches have known this for ages, since the times of Regardie and Crowley.

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