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Witches’ Tools: Cauldrons for Magickal Purposes

I know, I know, cauldrons… could I be any more the stereotypical witch? However, you have to consider how handy this tool is for witches. A large cauldron can cook food in abundance using your kitchen witchery recipes when not serving more magickal purposes in your common spell work. Small ones can be tiny enough to pack away and use in traveling magick kits if you are a witch on the go for business, or if you have to travel long distances for circles or celebrations. They come in every size in between, so there is literally a cauldron to fit every witch and every need.

Indoors and out, cauldrons serve as a fireproof containers to burn parchment spells. When using a candle if you are required to let it burn all the way down in your spell work. A simple tinfoil liner makes clean up or recovery of the melted wax a breeze. It can cook large batches of brews, teas, and philters for spell work or for gifts to coveners, it is a great way to make oven stew to serve to coven members after rituals. It is truly a tool for all uses.

A cast iron cauldron is wonderful to work with in both mundane and magickal manners. Just as it retains the flavor of foods cooked in it to spread to the next meal, it also retains a bit of the magick every time you use it in your craft. That is the beauty of magickal tools, the more you use them the more power they absorb and as a result, the more powerful the next spell becomes.

A cauldron is great for making batches of “black salt” when curing or re-curing it. It is handy for drying herbs in the oven on low temperatures. Used as a scrying bowl, it increases the magickal strength of the caldron and attunes it to its owner at the same time. While using a cauldron to scry is one of its most ancient uses, cooking is the oldest of all.

Kitchen witchery is on the rise, again. In days of old, it was a commonplace magick used daily. With the sharp rise of women in the workplace, busy lives, ready-to-eat meals and fast food, it took a sharp decline for decades even among the witching community. Now, with the complexities in the economy and the move toward more health-conscious eating, a return to cooking from scratch has revitalized opportunities to return to kitchen witchery.

Here is a simple potato soup recipe that works very well in a large cauldron, while preparing, adding and cooking the following ingredients, focus your intent during each step on bringing the blessings, confidence, happiness, longevity, peace, and protection contained in the ingredients to all those who partake of the meal.

Regardless of diet, the first step is to peel and dice one large baking potato per person, remove strings and dice one 6”-8” piece of celery per person.

For Omnivores: Dice and cook one piece of bacon per person in the bottom of the cauldron until crispy, then remove the bacon and set it aside to cool. Add diced celery to the bacon grease in the cauldron turn the heat to low and sauté the celery until it softens slightly. Add the potatoes and a small pinch of salt per potato. Add enough chicken broth to the cauldron to come about two thirds of the way to the top of the potato, celery mixture, increase heat to medium, cover and allow the vegetables to cook. Stir frequently to keep vegetables from sticking or burning. Heat them all the way through until a fork slides easily through the potato pieces. Turn the heat off and mash the vegetables to your desired texture.

Add oregano, garlic powder, chives, and dill (to your preferred taste) to the hot potato/celery mixture and stir them in, well. Allow them to sit for about 5 minutes to infuse the mixture with the flavors, add a quarter cup of heavy cream per every two potatoes until the mixture has the consistency of thick soup. If it gets too thin, you can always add a couple of tablespoons of flour at a time to a small bit of cream, whip until smooth, and add as a thickening agent.

Once the soup has cooled, you may choose to add sour cream, grated cheese, as well as topping it with the cooked bacon bits you prepared. For a touch of fire, you may add red pepper flakes. I prefer to have the items standing by and let each add what, if any, they prefer.

For Vegetarians: Instead of bacon grease, use butter to sauté the celery before adding the potatoes. Also, substitute spring water to cook the potatoes in places of the chicken broth, or a vegetable soup base if you prepare and keep your own.

This is a delicious soup that can be served hot or cold and tastes great as leftovers, too.

15 thoughts on “Witches’ Tools: Cauldrons for Magickal Purposes

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  2. Thanks for the post. I was always wondering if I needed a cauldron I thought it would be cool to have one but wasn’t really sure. Now I really want one! Thanks for helping me make up my mind!


    • I was the same way for a while and could not decide if I wanted to invest in one or not. I thought it was too stereotypical, but now that I have a couple of them, I can honestly say that they are a joy to work with for spells, scrying and more.


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