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Witchery: Consecrating and Charging Your Magickal Tools

After you have purchased and cleansed your magickal items, or other ordinary items you want to use in the practice of your craft, you need to consecrate and charge the items for their specific use. Consecrating the items is as simple as defining and declaring their use and asking any deities you may work with to bless the items and/or putting your own blessing upon the items. You can use a previously or professionally written spell or ritual or preferably create your own in order to put a stamp of your own on the items.

When it comes to consecration of items, it is my belief that each witch’s consecration ritual should be their own. After all, witches beliefs and deities can vary from tradition-to-tradition, pantheon-to-pantheon, and often from deity-to-deity even within some traditions, and especially within the practices of eclectic witches. There are vast differences between my practice, the practice of other eclectics, traditional witches, and especially wiccans. Some witches do not even work with deities in the practice of their craft, much less work with the exact same odd assembly of deities with whom I choose to work.

When it comes to charging items, things become quite a bit simpler and yet, they can be as complex as you want to make them. Using one method of charging is sufficient and simple, even using multiple methods can be simple. However, if you choose to weave their charges together to strengthen the overall charge or focus it toward a specific purpose it becomes more complex. Charging an item is similar, and sometimes the same, as cleansing it via some methods. The only difference is in the intent of the witch. When items sit in direct sunlight, they charge with solar power and moonlight charges with lunar power. Some items charge by using sound, either singing, playing an instrument, sounding drums, or gongs. Chanting on the innate power of the item can charge it. Items, not damaged by water, if left out in a rainstorm, a stream, or creek will charge in the flow of the dripping or running water. Passing an item through the smoke from a charged spell candle created for the purpose, or incense created for the purpose can charge the item. Use an elemental dedication can charge a tool.

One method of charging that needs to be used with each item is charging it with the power of the witch to whom the item belongs. It needs to be held in the witch’s sending hand (the dominant hand) and the witch needs to focus their power and send it into the item. They need to focus on their own power, see it melding with the innate power within the item. This not only charges the item, but also claims it for the use of that particular witch. At this point, dedicate the item to the purpose you intend for the item.

If people, besides the witch, handle the magickal items, they need to be cleansed, re-consecrated, and re-charged, again. You do not need the unpredictable energy of others affecting your spell work when you least expect it. It is a good idea to periodically cleanse, re-consecrate, and re-charge your tools to keep them in the best working order. Your tools will only work as well as they are able. After all, if you do not care for them, they cannot care for you.

34 thoughts on “Witchery: Consecrating and Charging Your Magickal Tools

  1. Thank you, I am a witch by nature yet I’ve never been taught or shown anything about it; and up until recently I was ashamed of who and what I was due to some severe Christian influences and we’ll brainwashing that I endured for years. I am free from that now and no longer afraid or ashamed of the power that flows through me and my true nature. Your Web pages have been a blessing as I have learned much from it. I am grateful to have found your page, simply I was meant to find it when I was ready of course. So please keep on adding more to it, I want to learn more and as much as I can as I am ready to and have embraced my true calling.


    • Jarrett, I am so sorry for the tardy reply. Life got hectic and left no time to return to the blog, I apologize!

      I was raised by a Southern Church of Christ preacher. I understand the feelings of fear and shame that come at the beginning and I am glad you have left them behind on your old path and can embrace your new path with unfettered joy. We are more than happy to have you visit and take what you can from what we have learned! Thank you for your lovely compliments and for visiting us!


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