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Witches Tools: Pyramid Magick

Used by many cultures for a multitude of reasons, but mostly as sacred sites in one form or another, the pyramids have provided fodder for discussions throughout centuries the world over. Egyptians, Totonac, Greeks, Mesopotamians, Nubians, Indians, Chinese, and more have built these structures on various landmasses and without communicating the process, methods or reasoning with one another, yet all of the great cultures have built them. Why? We may never know. However, as a result, many witches consider the shape of the pyramid to hold magick within its walls.

There are hundreds of documentaries and television programs exploring what has been discovered inside the pyramids. There are wondrous items viewed from these times, which have been taken from the pyramids, over the centuries. However, I do not believe that we have the right to remove anything from the pyramids. To me, this is nothing but theft. We did not place these things there; they are not ours to remove in the name of “history” or culture. Those items were placed there for reasons that we have no specific knowledge of, so how do we know that we are not interrupting magicks that were set millennia ago? How do we know that in tampering with these we are not drawing down some wrath of the Gods and Goddesses of the region? Are we interfering with ancient spells? Are we tampering with things best left untouched? No one knows for certain and I believe it foolhardy to assume we know anything of the ancient cultures other than what we have been able to learn from direct study. Even that has been sporadic and much of it cannot be agreed upon, even today.

Moreover, even if there was no magickal intent at all behind the items left in the pyramids, they were left as tributes to the dead. The items were often created specifically for one person and made of the most valuable and rare elements to be found within the society at that time. These items were created and left to honor their beloved dead. How would we feel if three or four thousand years after we were gone, someone dug up our beloved one, robbed them of that which we laid in their caskets with them to take on their journey? I left precious gifts for my husband, things that had special meaning between the two of us, things he had gifted to me during our marriage, and things I had gifted to him. I sent him on his journey with a book of art created in our three sons first three and a half years of life. These were important to us, to me, to him and the idea of them being taken from him fills me with fury. What kind of unfeeling people can rob the tombs of others? What might the ancients, especially, the Egyptians, as a magickal people, do to those who rob their loved ones of the gifts left for them? What would you do?

Egyptians were a very magickal people. They are also the best-known culture to utilize pyramids. Magick was a central force in their daily lives. They considered it a gift from the Gods and Goddesses. They used it in their religious practices, during wartime, in their everyday lives and in healing. Learning to use magick in their culture was just as important as studying the best ways to raise their crops and tend their animals. Then, as now, magick helped defeat enemies, heal illness, and protect children, and control weather, as well as many other uses.

We know that pyramids are sacred spaces. We know that they symbolized the meeting of human and divine intent. Were they also used, in centuries passed, to practice magick? Did they have some other use, which we have not yet learned?

Theories abound as to the pyramids in the ancient cultures. Documentaries on the pyramids show theories exploring how the pyramids were built. All sorts of theories are out there, some of them are even way out there. Depending upon who you talk to the pyramids were built by aliens from outer space, slaves controlled by evil Pharaohs, the devout planning places of worship for those to follow, or servants of Pharaohs providing a place for their burials. Others propose theories that the pyramids were built harnessing technology far in advance of anything we currently have, some technology that has been lost over the millennia; some propose that the pyramids acted as giant batteries that powered some long-lost technology, etc.

I will leave the speculation as to how they were built to others. I enjoy listening to all the different theories. Some I find amusing and others, thought provoking, but all in all, I do not believe we will ever know the truth until factual and detailed accounts from that time are uncovered in Egypt, itself. As such a powerful culture, with such a rich history that has literally been written in stone, I suspect that eventually, there will be a major find and we may finally know the facts behind the construction of the pyramids. What do you think about the pyramids? Do you have an idea that you prefer to explain how they actually were built? Why do you believe they were built?

Regardless, of the hows and whys they were built, many modern day witches and pagans consider the pyramid to be a sacred shape. They believe that it has an inherent power in the shape itself, not to mention being relative to the “as above, so below” tenets by which so many of us practice. Many witches believe that the existence of this shape across cultures over centuries and across the face of the earth is curious enough to put faith in the fact of its power. Current day witches choose to use the power symbolized by the pyramid in many different ways. Some use this power as an amulet, worn for protection. Some witches use it as a focal point during spells. Some closed pyramids placed over written spells to focus the intent of the spell. Often, an open pyramid is used to house items and charge them with directed energy, empowering or supercharging any spells placed within, energizing tools, runes, amulets, talismans, potions, etc. which are placed inside the pyramid. The uses of pyramids are almost as numerous as the pyramids themselves. Talk to any witch who owns one and you will discover the fascination that it holds for them and countless others.

As with so many other magickal tools, any power held within the pyramid needs only the focus and intent of the witch to manifest. It may be harnessed to assist along with other tools or used as a primary tool.

Az and I received this beautiful, stained glass, handcrafted pyramid from the High Priest and High Priestess when we first began to study under a traditional coven about 20 years ago. It is open on two sides and has such power, from the hand-stained glass, to the handcrafted metalwork holding the panes together, to the stones set into the metalwork and the charged crystal topping it, it vibrates with energy. It is filled with every typed of power and charge imaginable.

If you do not have one, may I suggest that you either buy one or preferably construct one if you have the talent. Ours is used in charging items for others, and myself, as well as casting distance spell work, and for other spells as needed. It has served us well and will continue to serve as long as I live; then it will be passed down within our coven.