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Children’s Spell: A Pet Protection Spell

We all know that some of the strongest bonds and deepest loves of our lives are the pets we have as children. Pets are special during any time of life; they are, quite simply, furry, feathered, scaly, etc. family members to many of us. However, to children, they may also be best friends, faithful companions, and cohorts in crimes in many ways. For those parents who teach from a young age, what better way to teach young children that magick is a way of “giving” to others than to perform a protection spell for the family pet?

Even though the quantities of the herbs used are tiny, child-sized pinches, be certain to stress to your child that this is an actual spell and that the ingredients used are not safe for “every day” consumption by your pet. Remind the child that they should never do this spell, without your permission and assistance, as it can be dangerous for the pet.

Since dogs and cats are the most frequently owned family pets, I will cover them here.


For this spell, you may use any or all of the following:
a few fresh leaves from a peppermint plant
a very small, very thin slice of ginger root
a small pinch of fresh cilantro leaves
a small pinch of Echinacea
a small pinch of Golden Seal
a small pinch of parsley


For this spell, you may use any or all of the following:
a few fresh leaves from a peppermint plant
a small pinch of calendula
a small pinch of catnip
a small pinch of Echinacea
a small pinch of Golden Seal
a small pinch of basil

Gather the herbs that will be used in the spell and a can of the animal’s favorite wet food or your homemade wet food, if applicable. Prepare a dish for the beloved pet’s dinner. Let the child gather a tiny pinch of each herb that will be used and add it to the food in the dish. Give the child a spoon and as they stir the herbs into the food, help the child recite:

Protect our pet with herbs this way,
Through dark of night and light of day
We claim her (or him) as our family,
Now, as I will so mote it be.

This is a simple spell for children to learn and these herbs are good (in small doses) for the animals shown.

I cannot stress enough: Do not allow the child to perform this spell alone. Any herbs in quantity can prove dangerous to animals. If you have any questions about the herbs, please feel free to check with you veterinarian before using them. I suggest that you check with the pet’s doctor if your pet is breeding, or breastfeeding, as pregnancy can have odd effects on digestion and absorption of nutrients in pets, just as it does in humans.

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