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Children’s Spell: Knot a Problem

Spells for children are by their very nature, easy to learn and easy to practice. This does not mean, however, that the magick itself is any less strong. It merely means that the child is starting with easy to learn practices and that the spells can be worked with a minimum of magickal items, a minimum of words to remember, and a minimum of actions to take in order to make the spell work.

As with any magickal workings at young ages, you need to remember to show the child the process several times over before allowing them to do the spell on their own. Working with children calls for learning things by rote,  through repetition and practice. When it comes to the recitation, if the child has a problem remembering the order and words of a spell, print it out or make it into a song for them. Children can learn almost anything, no matter how complex, if you put it in song. Our children learned their home address, including the zip code, the phone numbers with area codes to our house, my cell, their aunts’ houses and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house all in a few days practice during the year our eldest started kindergarten. Bear in mind the twin were 17 months younger, so that is very impressive if you ask me!

This is a simple spell that an elementary school aged child can learn to work. The spell requires nothing more than a piece of yarn and an ability to visualize and recite a small chant.

If the child is having a problem in school or at home and is stressing over it. Help them pick out the proper color yarn to address the problem. (This is an opportunity to start teaching the child about color magick as well.)

Have the child sit in a comfortable position. This would be a good time to introduce deep breathing as a way to attain calm before working a spell and breathing slowly and in a measured pace while performing the spell. Once the child is calm, you are ready to begin.

Have the child hold the string and close their eyes, tell them to “see” what the problem is in their head. Are they having a problem remembering their ABCs? Are the multiplication tables giving them fits? Is a child in their class distracting them when they are trying to listen to teacher? Is a sibling annoying them with questions?

Ask the child to “see” that this problem is not going to bother them anymore. Explain that through the use of the magick they will not stress over the alphabet or math tables as these will start to become easier. They will not have a problem in the future when ignoring the chatterbox distracting them. The younger sibling will not bother them as much even when the questions continue because the child will have more patience. You might also stress that the younger siblings are typically in awe of their older siblings being so much smarter, stronger, and knowing so much more.

When the child has the “solution” to the problem in mind and can “see” it clearly, have them tie a knot with their eyes closed while focusing on the solution and recite the first line in their head while breathing in and the second line while breathing out:

What was a problem once before,
Is not a problem anymore.

Tell them to keep “seeing” the solution as long as they can. Each time they finish a knot have them repeat the chant at the same time; have them think it, repeatedly as they feel the magick working. Tell them that they should think this chant and tie knots for as long as they are able. Once they cannot “see” the solution anymore or if they run out of room for tying knots, then the spell is done. They should take the yarn outside and bury it in the yard. Tell them that as the yarn starts to rot, the problem will start to fade away and as soon as the yarn is gone, so the problem will be gone, as well. Remind them that they cannot disturb the yarn once it is buried or it will undo the spell and the problem will return.

What do you think? We are interested in your comments, feedback, questions and ideas!

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