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Witches’ Spell: Calming Spell

In our busy lives, there are many times when people and events seem to conspire together for the sole purpose of irritating the living crap out of us. Fortunately, as witches, we do not have to settle for being any less calm and capable of decisive action than we choose.

Whether you have a problem with road rage, rude customer service, rude customers, or any other of the many issues that we all seem to deal with daily, you can retain and return to a state of calm with a simple meditation and chant.

As you feel your irritation beginning, start immediately to breathe deeply and evenly. Breathe in through your nose to a count of ten and retain the breath for one heartbeat, before allowing it to leave your body, slowly, through your mouth. As you breathe in think the first line of the chant, as you breathe out think the second, continue to the end of the chant.

When irritations build again
I will refuse to let them win
I’ll keep my peace and when I’m through
To irritants I’ll bid adieu
I will let nothing get to me
Thus, as I will so mote it be

Continue breathing and repeating the chant to yourself until you feel your equilibrium return and you are able to regain the sense of calm you need.

2 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Calming Spell

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