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Witches’ Spell: Breaking a Negativity Curse

No matter how hard we try, there are always going to be some people who do not like us. They may envy us for our family, our success, or even our looks. They may simply be one of those people who are miserable in their own lives and who hate to see those who are not. The reason does not truly matter. What does matter is that the hateful energy that these people send our way, can occasionally make its way past even the most stringent of protective wards, jars, and spells.

When this happens, it is necessary to send the negative energy away, again. You may send it out into the cosmos, allowing it to go where negativity is needed. You may release it into the ground for the energy to be purified, and recycled. If you prefer, you may even put a twist on it and make the energy they send have positive effects for you instead of negative effects. However, if the person is a repeat offender, you may have to make a point of the issue, teach them a lesson, by sending their negativity right back to them.

As harsh as that may sound to some, it would be better for you to teach them a lesson by sending their own energy back to them, rather than waiting for them to attack a different witch (with fewer ethics and morals than you have) who is likely to teach them a lesson by doing something far more drastic.

A simple spell to send the energy back is to set up your altar if you have one, or cleanse and prepare a working space, if not, with symbols of earth, air, water and fire. For example, using a small bowl with water, another with earth, a stick of incense, and a candle will cover your basics. If you prefer you may use stones for each element or any other appropriate symbol of each, as you deem fit.

If using the items, which I have mentioned, once you have cleansed the area, set up the incense in the east quadrant, the candle in the south quadrant, the bowl of water in the west quadrant, and the bowl of earth in the north quadrant. Set a spare bowl in the center of the space. On a piece of parchment draw out a hex sign, the one shown at the top of this post symbolizes good luck happiness and success through the three “stars” represented. Place this hex sign beneath the center bowl to symbolize that once the hex is sent, only good luck, happiness and success will remain, and you are ready.


Where in the East the air flows free,
This smoke will bring its power to me.
(Light the incense and pass the center bowl through its smoke)
Now in the South where fire is found,
With its power this spell is bound.
(Light the candle, pass the bowl through the smoke from the flame)
Water’s power flows in the west,
This power flows at my behest.
(Pour some water into the center bowl)
From where the earth rules in the north,
This final power I call forth.
(Add earth to the water in the center bowl)

Visualize the curse as a thin sheet of ice, which is surrounding you and your space. Hold both hands cupped over the bowl in the center of the altar/work space.


The time is now to break this curse,
Before things go from bad to worse.
Return this negativity,
Back to the one who cursed me.
I bind that spell caster’s desire,
With water, earth, with air and fire.
Now no more harm will come for me,
For as I will, so mote it be.

As you speak the last line, see the sheet of ice break into millions of tiny pieces. Watch as they fly away from you and back toward the place of origin. Remove the center bowl from the altar, or working space and allow the hex sign to remain. It may be placed under the altar as a foundation for future work, or hang it on a nearby wall to help repel future hexes/crossings.