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Witches’ Tools: Sigil Magick in Witchcraft

Sigil magick has been in existence for millennia as drawn on cave walls during the Stone Age. Pictographs and ideograms were used as depictions showing successful hunts and other examples of life during the Neolithic period. There has been some speculation that early man used these not only to reflect previous hunts but as prayers or spells to ensure successful hunts or the future.

From the area of the Fertile Crescent, Turkey, Syria, Greece to India, China, and to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, glyphs, runes, and sigils have been used and found on every continent on earth and used to convey ideas and actions. During centuries that are more recent, sigils have been used most often as representations of angels, demons, and magickal intent. There are many existing sigils used by Jews, Germanics, Italians, Egyptians, and more.

Even with all the existing sigils from various sources, some witches still choose to create their own sigils, which have special meanings in their own life and craft. Some are based on the intent behind the magick, some based on the witches name to increase their power. Each sigil has its own unique power when it is created by the witch, according to the power and intent entered into the sigil upon its creation.

Sigils are used as components in spells, etched into candles, drawn on parchment, or fashioned into amulets and talismans worn by the caster or given as gifts. The manner of creation for personal sigils is open to the interpretation of the creator.

One method is to write down a particular phrase to express magickal intent. For example, bring me health.

After which, you need to remove all the vowels from the phrase, which leaves: b r n g m h l t h. (Some feel that using both consonants and vowels is acceptable.)

Next, you will remove any letters that are duplicated, leaving you with: b, r, n, g, m, h, l, and t.

Then, choose a letter as a single starting place and begin to combine them in different ways until you have a sigil that has all the remaining letters attached in a way that looks pleasing to your eyes. It may take several attempts to find one you think is correct for you.

Remember, you need to link all the letters together into a single unit. The letters do not have to be facing the way they normally do when written. The letters may be written reversed, diagonal, or even backward to increase the beauty of the sigil.

It is your spell, your sigil; it only needs to please you.

Witches’ Tools: Glyphs in Modern Magick

Many modern witches have taken to using glyphs in their magickal workings. Some glyphs are shapes and symbols used for thousands of years, some of the most ancient ones date back ten thousands years well into the BCE centuries, others may be created for a specific use by the individual  witch. The addition of glyphs to other elements of spell work can increase the power of the spell in many ways.

Think back for a moment; have you ever use a glyph before in your magick? It is entirely possible that you have. The most commonly used and easily understood of glyphs is the simple circle. Many wiccans have used it for decades as a barrier against evil and interruption. Some wiccans and witches on other paths raise a circle to create a sacred space to work out spells, yet some do not even realize that it actually is an ancient glyph in its own right.

Another way that many modern witches commonly use glyphs is in the reading of tarot. Many symbols on the more commonly used decks incorporate glyphs of Italian, Germanic, Hebraic, Nordic origins and more to foretell occult knowledge during readings. These glyphs worked into the foreground and background of the cards act as powerful symbols to help strengthen the meaning or the efficacy of the readings.

Some of the more popular glyphs for modern spell work are the symbols of Elder Futhark. These Nordic runes are used in conjunction with various types of spells every day. They are written as symbols included with spells on parchments, drawn in the air, and carved into spell candles. Some people even carry or wear them as personal talismans. As you can see from some of the spells on this blog, we use glyphs mixed into our magick on a regular basis to help increase the magickal properties of our spells.

Try adding glyphs to your next spell to add an additional level of power to your working and note the difference in the results. I am willing to bet that once you start using glyphs as potent additions you will not want to stop.