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This Witch’s Dilemma: Science Vs. Magick

Even among the witches I know, I am considered to be a bit of an oddity. I am one of those who know that “magick works” I have seen others work it, have worked it myself and seen the results from both. Where I seem to differ, according to most of the witches I meet and speak to, is in the questioning of the definition and specific nature of the results. Some may see it as divine power from a deity; others may see it as nebulous power from Mother Nature or the various and assorted powers of individual elements within nature, which are supernatural in some sense. I, however, am not so certain if it is either one, both, or something else entirely.

I have spent the last two decades and more, trying to decide if I believe that magick is “magick” because it is paranormal, using the meaning of “near, close to, or around” normal. In other words, is it something just slightly beyond what we consider normal and something not completely understood but which we harness? Alternatively, is it possible that magick is “magick” because is it a form of the occult sciences that we simply do not understand yet, which will be discovered in due time? I. e. are magickal works simply functioning forms of scientific theories being proven by witches because we have applied ourselves through the years, decades, generations, etc. to the methodical practice, testing and trying of spells to see what works, how it works and how to improve the way it works through trial and error/experimentation as scientists do?

Speaking scientifically, think about how many things have been learned and brought to the world in the past 120 years. Think about things, which 100 years before their discovery would have seemed magickal, which we never suspected previously, but now accepted as facts? Aside from the amazing creations of television, CDs & DVDs, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. which most households contain. In the past 120 years, scientists have discovered subatomic particles. From Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity, nuclear fission, to the discoveries that other galaxies and black holes exist. While once unheard of and unsuspected, all are accepted as facts now. For millennia, no one suspected that the stars in the sky were not all contained within our own small galaxy. Granted in recent centuries discoveries increased, more is known about the stars, but not until the 20th century were we aware, as a species, that there was anything beyond the so-called “Milky Way”. If something that enormous, the discovery of the rest of the universe outside our own galaxy, is less than a century old, who can truly say that magick is not a form of science, or even several sciences, which have simply not yet proven themselves?

There is so much going on in the scientific community. The search for dark matter, anti-matter, sparticles, and gravitons continues. Just two years ago, the Higgs bosun was still a theory. Now discovery of the elusive “God particle” is a part of our history! While proving its existence, scientists hoped to dispel either the multiverse or the supersymmetry theories, however, due to the unique nature of the Higgs particle when found, scientists are still not able to point to one or the other theory as being the more likely. Frankly, I find that fact highly amusing as some scientists were “absolutely certain” (okay well they absolutely hoped) that, once discovered, they would proven right and all others proven wrong. Um, Vain much?

Still, the idea of science as magick? As well as the open and closed strings proposed in String Theory, it tells us that these strings may stretch into membranes or “branes”, which allows the surface to become three-dimensional and depending upon the amount of energy contained within the string, it may be infinitesimally small or grow to the size of our universe or larger. String Theory says that there are 11 dimensions around us, layered into this universe, also that there are other universes layered alongside our own that we cannot prove. Should I say cannot prove… yet? Now, if string theory proves correct one day and our entire universe is living on a “brane”, truly layered with a host of other universes, just as a single card in a deck of tarot, could this explain some experiences we have?

Could paranormal, experiences be explained by proving that string theory or a multiverse theory is correct? As mentioned, according to string theory, in lieu of the four dimensions we were raised with, have known and been aware of existing on this plane for centuries, seven others also coexist on our plane. Could this explain the “messages from the other side” some receive? Are these messages actually heard from some of these additional dimensions in our universe that our people have “crossed over to”, in a very real sense of the phrase? In addition, some people report seeing what passes for angels and/or demons, experiencing déjà vu, hearing or seeing fantastical scenes and so many otherwise fascinating but not entirely explainable experiences. Could these experiences simply be cases of crossing or interacting with other universes beside our own? When dealing with deities, are we dealing with ancient ones from other dimensions within our own universe, who have learned to harness powers inside this universe? Are deities, from adjacent universes, which some scientists theorize could be as little as millimeters away? People cannot see or touch them, under normal circumstances. Are some people able to bridge the divide where others are not?

While scientists theorize that these parallel universes may have potential for similar planets, flora, fauna, and intelligent beings, which are very similar to us, might they, in reality, be drastically different from universe to universe. After all, the Higgs bosun did not quite work out for them, now, did it? The theory of a mulitverse as discussed in regard to the Higgs particle and to String theory admits that while physics seem to work in a particular manner in this universe, that it may not, and in actuality, probably will not act the same in all universes.

Is there any proof? Fermilab and Cern are still in a race, trying to prove the existence of the gravitons, theorized as closed loops. They believe that if the graviton is discovered, according to the theory, gravitons would have access the other dimensions and after creation here in a supercollider, would quickly disappear into these extra dimensions. The only proof of their existence may be through examination of the empty zones formed during collisions to make certain they find the gravitons and that the blank zone is not some of the, also highly sought, supersymmetric sparticles or even dark matter.

Where do you stand? Is magick just simply magick, or is it science, yet, undiscovered? Is it a combination of the two or neither one? Have you taken a firm stance, or are you waving in the breeze with me from side to side with pauses in the center?

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