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Gods and Goddesses of Witchcraft: Real or Imagined?

I have had many conversations, lately especially, regarding the issue of the deities. When a large group of witches discuss the Gods and Goddesses of any religion or path it is never completely agreed upon as to whether they created us, we created them, or if both or neither is true. Do you know exactly where you stand on the issue and why?

Some believe that the Gods and Goddesses are real. They are actual entities, which have existed and lived for far longer than is truly imaginable by mere humans. That our minds cannot conceive of their actions, their true forms, their reasons for existing other than just that they do exist. Some people believe that Gods and Goddesses are supreme or celestial beings. That these deities are beyond what we can understand, but that they care, in one way or another, about the goings on of the humans who worship them. These people believe that they may pray to, call upon, and work with these deities.

Another group believes that humans, in their need for protection, attachment, and belonging, created the very idea of deities. They believe that all deities were originally constructs of the human mind, nothing more. They believe that we felt alone in a world that was too big, too confusing and as such, we created deities to comfort us. We created omnipresent, omniscient beings to which we can turn when things seem out of control. These Gods and Goddesses provide humans with a place to turn to when overwhelmed by life and all that it encompasses. In this manner, we created the deities and we continue to empower them with our belief and worship.

What do you think? Do deities exist? If so, did we create them or did they create us, will we ever know, for certain, who created whom? Does it matter?

Science has been exploring this matter for ages. They question our belief in and the need to believe in deities. The exploration has been fruitful. They find that evolution has caused our brains to become “hard wired” to believe. Scientists have even documented that during brain imaging studies conducted at the National Institute of Health, when asked about religion our brains process the questions on the same neural network where we process questions about our personal relationships with other people.

How can we determine if our brains were “hard wired” to believe due to programming from higher powers or due to our natural desire for higher powers? Will we ever truly know? Does it really matter?