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Witches’ Spell: Sweet Jar Spell for Witches

The sweet jar spell is one that I personally find adorable. It has very little impact on the receiver of the cast spell. It is merely used to “sweeten” someone’s disposition toward you. One of our witches was in an argument with another friend of ours, she used the jar to make him think kindly of her until they could work out their differences of opinion. Before that time, he was one of those who would get angry and just not speak to the person at whom his anger was directed. Because of the jar, he remained in contact with her and they successfully worked out the problem they were having at the time and are still the best of friends almost two decades later.

I have used it several times. The most amusing time was on a new manager at work who had a personality conflict with me. She had recently been transferred into our office. I had no problem with her before she began attacking me but suddenly, she was actively targeting me, trying to find a valid reason to fire me that HR would agree with in the end. I discovered that she did not like me at all because I was a witch and she thought I would cast spells on her. Yes, she was one of those self-styled “very religious” types who was in reality actually a big hypocrite. Funny thing was, I did not know anything about her before her attacks and never would have cast any spells on her until she made it necessary by her animosity. As such, she brought the very thing she was afraid of to fruition, made necessary by her actions.

A sweet spell does not completely change the person’s opinion of you but it does let them see that you are not all bad. It is used only to sweeten their opinion of you. It can be used anywhere as it travels well if you are careful. You can keep it at home, in a locked desk drawer, in your car or even in a large purse at work if necessary. Just be careful not to break the jar or you will have a very real mess to deal with during clean up.

You need a jar that is the length of your hand, a “Popsicle” type stick, honey, sugar (brown or white, does not matter) and something to write with, either pen or pencil. I use a pen because I feel that the writing implement needs to show your intent is permanent.

On one side of the stick write your full name, on the other side write the full name of the recipient of the spell. Put it in the jar. Add honey to fill close to half of the jar, use sugar to fill the jar almost to the top. Leave an inch or so at the top to add water. Once these items have been added, close the jar tightly and it is ready to use.

Any time you think it is necessary to use the bottle. Visualize the other person, shake the jar gently so that the liquid flows from top to bottom. Allow the contents to flow over the stick inside as you chant three, five, seven, or nine times:

As I shake, sweet thoughts of me
You will now think, constantly.
In your mind my sweetness see,
As I will so mote it be.

Focus on the fact that as you are shaking your “sweet jar” the other person suddenly experiences “sweet” or pleasant thoughts about you, even if that is not their normal feeling toward you.

This has worked very well for our people, so feel free to try it on someone who is normally hateful or behaves in a rude or mean manner toward you. Give it a shake for a few days and see the change it can make when they realize that you are not a fate worse than death, or a spiteful witch in need of firing.

52 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Sweet Jar Spell for Witches

  1. Please help to answer the following questions:

    1) Should I need to prepare 2 sweet jars (1 leave in the office and the other one leave at home) for one intention?

    2) Is that the other person will think of me if I shake the sweet jar with cast spell? If i dont shake the sweet jar with cast spell, he will not think of me? (Is that i may need to shake all day long)

    3) I did not put 95% of Sugar and Honey to the sweet jar, can I open the sweet jar to add more Sugar and Honey now? or i have to make a new sweet jar?

    Thank you.

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    • Drew, you may choose to make two jars if you feel you need it. The other person thinks more kindly of you when the jar is used. It does not mean they will fall in love with you, or think you can do no wrong, it just “sweetens” their disposition toward you. As long as the sugary substance completely encases the “stick” with the person’s name, it is all good!

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    • Personally, I kept one of my jars for about 3 years, as best I recall thanks to the manager I mentioned. It never lost efficacy for me. I kept it in my desk until after she was long gone from our building just in case she returned for executive meetings. Once I moved to another building and was no longer involved in planning and executing meetings, I got rid of it. 😉


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    • Veni, the only rules in magick are the ones you create for yourself, and ones which are based on your (and others) own common sense. I am afraid you may be confusing our practice with Wicca and we are very much NOT Wiccans.


  4. I never thought something this easy would really work but I made one of these and put the names of some people at school in it and maybe I imagine it but it feels like they leave me alone a lot more than they used to do this year.


    • Bran,
      The thing about getting magick to work for you, it is all in the intent and the strength of the effort you put into all the different components of the spell. If you create the jar with a focus on achieving the exact results you want, if you keep the focus in mind as you write the names and fill the jar. If each time you use the jar you focus on the desired result, there is really no reason the spell should not work or you. I am glad you are already seeing results. Congratulations!


      • Hello I had made these jar. And it did work. But i think I made the mistake of opening it up and put a new intention in it what does stop it from working good I ruined it or is it still good and if I ruined it can I get rid of it start a new one please help


        • If you have two “intentions” or “targets” inside one jar and are able to hold your concentration on each equally, I suppose, technically, it could work. I have never tried it. I always simply used separate jars. Please feel free to let us know if it works for you, so we can advise others. Half the fun in spellwork, in my opinion, is in the creation, testing, and sharing phase. Granted, getting it to work just right is the second half. 😉


    • Sorry Ward, but the written articles here are as 100% unique as they can be since they are written by our people and not copied from anywhere else. Please feel free to point out any of our content you are seeing elsewhere, so we may address copyright infringement if we need to do so.


    • Well from personal experience, J, when using the jar for myself, the effects were within a few minutes of shaking the jar and lasted for a few hours (typically the length of my work day) at a time. The time length in my case could have been because I typically used it on co-workers who were difficult and I may have been subconsciously setting a time of expiration for my spell, as such. If you get a different effect, please write back and let us know.

      As for disposing of it, I simply poured the contents into my back yard at the far corner of my property. I did not want to draw the ants near my house or my sons play equipment, primarily. the jar was rinsed out and sent to recycling. I did not feel comfortable using it again for other purposes.


      • I see. The person I’m working on is really stubborn. Still no effect after 3 days. I don’t know if I did something wrong. Is it ok to start again? Can I just rinse it in running water? Thanks


        • As long as you have used the right ingredients of honey and sugar to fill about 95% of the jar, put your full name on one side of the stick and his full name on the other side of the stick, then the jar is ready to use. You should not need to restart the jar. Be certain to visualize the targeted person as clearly as you possibly can, see the color of his eyes, the way he wears his hair, even the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, see every facet of his face looking directly at you. As you focus on his face slowly shake the jar and repeat the chant as you “see” this person. Feel his perceptions of you change to a less hostile, more friendly demeanor. See him judging you less harshly, feel a softening of his attitude toward you. Do not give up hope if it does not work immediately, but keep trying off and on each day to change his attitude to soften toward you. Some people will take more time based on their personality. As long as you are not actively giving them a reason to remain hardened against you, just keep shaking.


            • Hi again. I’ve read of a honey jar spell using paper. What’s the difference between the Popsicle and paper? Which is more effective. I’m sorry I’m really desperate to soften his heart towards me. Is there another way other than this honey jar spell that I can use also? Thank you so much.


              • i think a lot of it may be personal opinion regarding paper or stick. I have used the sticks because they hold up in the mixture better than paper. I experimented with both pencil and pen on the sticks even though the pencil marks fade out occasionally, the jar still functions to a certain extent for me, just not as well or as dramatically. that could very well be linked to my own belief in the efficacy, however, more than the degradation of the writing. So much in spell work is in the strength of the belief of the spell caster, the intent, the will, the work put toward the casting. As for other means, you may always craft a different form of spell, it only takes imagination and the effort you want to put into the creation. Remember, anyone can write a spell for you, but you putting in the focus on the effort to gather the supplies you need, focusing on the need behind the spell, the intent you want to put into the spell, using your own words, even creating the tools in some instances, if the need occurs, will always have a far greater effect than someone else who is more removed from the purpose and intent of the spell. Your closeness to the issue will have better results in the end.


      • Hi, been doing this for a week now and nothing’s happening. He’s really stone hearted. I don’t know if I did anything wrong or he’s just really hard to penetrate. Is there anything else I can do? Another spell that can work together with this to help? Thanks


        • Well, like I said, you can try to create a spell that addresses the problem head-on. Write a spell, carve a candle with sigils, runes, glyphs, power words, names, etc add an incense or some stones, etc. Since you know the exact problem and the specifics of the situation, you are the ideal person to create the spell!


  5. This sounds like a great way to change someones mind about how they think of you. I cant wait to try it on some people in my job!


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  7. Or…. I always said “Sweet Sweet thoughts of me, you will think constantly.”
    If you’ll recall, he called me, or came over, every single time I used it. 😉


    • LOL That’s right! Crow never saw it coming. 😉 I had forgotten about the old chant being so simple. Do you still have his old jar or did you finally get rid of it?

      I used the longer, stronger version on LaLa Bobblehead @ work. Finally ended up using a Go Away spell on her when she started getting hateful with anyone she did not approve of like pagans, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc.


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