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Witches’ Spell: Sweet Jar Spell for Witches

The sweet jar spell is one that I personally find adorable. It has very little impact on the receiver of the cast spell. It is merely used to “sweeten” someone’s disposition toward you. One of our witches was in an argument with another friend of ours, she used the jar to make him think kindly of her until they could work out their differences of opinion. Before that time, he was one of those who would get angry and just not speak to the person at whom his anger was directed. Because of the jar, he remained in contact with her and they successfully worked out the problem they were having at the time and are still the best of friends almost two decades later.

I have used it several times. The most amusing time was on a new manager at work who had a personality conflict with me. She had recently been transferred into our office. I had no problem with her before she began attacking me but suddenly, she was actively targeting me, trying to find a valid reason to fire me that HR would agree with in the end. I discovered that she did not like me at all because I was a witch and she thought I would cast spells on her. Yes, she was one of those self-styled “very religious” types who was in reality actually a big hypocrite. Funny thing was, I did not know anything about her before her attacks and never would have cast any spells on her until she made it necessary by her animosity. As such, she brought the very thing she was afraid of to fruition, made necessary by her actions.

A sweet spell does not completely change the person’s opinion of you but it does let them see that you are not all bad. It is used only to sweeten their opinion of you. It can be used anywhere as it travels well if you are careful. You can keep it at home, in a locked desk drawer, in your car or even in a large purse at work if necessary. Just be careful not to break the jar or you will have a very real mess to deal with during clean up.

You need a jar that is the length of your hand, a “Popsicle” type stick, honey, sugar (brown or white, does not matter) and something to write with, either pen or pencil. I use a pen because I feel that the writing implement needs to show your intent is permanent.

On one side of the stick write your full name, on the other side write the full name of the recipient of the spell. Put it in the jar. Add honey to fill close to half of the jar, use sugar to fill the jar almost to the top. Leave an inch or so at the top to add water. Once these items have been added, close the jar tightly and it is ready to use.

Any time you think it is necessary to use the bottle. Visualize the other person, shake the jar gently so that the liquid flows from top to bottom. Allow the contents to flow over the stick inside as you chant three, five, seven, or nine times:

As I shake, sweet thoughts of me
You will now think, constantly.
In your mind my sweetness see,
As I will so mote it be.

Focus on the fact that as you are shaking your “sweet jar” the other person suddenly experiences “sweet” or pleasant thoughts about you, even if that is not their normal feeling toward you.

This has worked very well for our people, so feel free to try it on someone who is normally hateful or behaves in a rude or mean manner toward you. Give it a shake for a few days and see the change it can make when they realize that you are not a fate worse than death, or a spiteful witch in need of firing.

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Witches’ Ways: Your Mileage May Vary

As you study more paths and read more books by various witches, the one thing becomes obvious; there is no “one true way” to practice witchcraft. It seems as if each witch you meet and every witch you read has their very own way of doing things. Some will tell you there are many ways to practice the craft while others will tell you that their way is the “only way” to practice. The madness of the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Nightmare comes to mind every time I hear this. “All Ways Are My Ways” Perhaps you will pardon me for saying that it sounds like bupkis to me.

I, and all the witches I have ever met and trust in the magickal community, agree on one major point. Let the other belief systems have their “One True Way” it does not apply to witches. We are all individuals and as such, must come at things in our lives from a point of view that is unique to us. Therefore, we must adapt all things magickal to our unique purpose here. Just as we are all different, so will our paths be different. They may share a few steps here and a few there with witches who are vastly different from us. We may even share long stretches of path with witches who are very similar, but no one will share our exact path.

I have always believed that the best way to learn is to read as much as you can on any given subject. Ask questions of anyone who knows much more than you do and devoutly listen to their answers. Consult others you trust and debate ideas with them. When online, go into forums, discuss, and read the discussions of others. Get into groups or chat rooms to talk to others from all paths. Once you find ones who know what they are doing, integrate their ideas and the ideas you have found in books, then, use your own intuition to build a path that works for you.

As we know from long years of study and practice, and new young witchlings will discover, the more personalized your rituals and spells, the more success you will invariably have with them. Even if they know you extremely well, no one can write a spell for you as well as you can for yourself. You are the one who knows all the ins and outs of the situation at hand. You know the best outcome for a spell. Just base your ritual or spell on sound magickal principles you learn through reputable sources and customize it to your most specific needs.

Above all, please, never fall for the line about an “ancient text” that no one else knows about… but you can buy for $39.99, online. Seriously, if this were an authentic text from an age long ago, you can bet some of the other outstanding witches who have come and gone before you through the centuries would have probably run across it, and made some mention of it before this. Do not fall for scammers who tell you that if you want something to work you must do a spell in this one specific way following their directions to the letter or else the world will end or you will turn into a toad in your next incarnation.

Trust your instincts with magick as well as with the witches you meet who practice it. There is no one authority on witchcraft. There is no one right path in paganism or witchcraft. All paths are as varied as the witches and pagans who trod them, just use common sense, intuition, and practice to find what works for you.