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Witchery: The Celebration of Gravestomps

No matter how abhorrent the name sounds, this activity is actually a harmless and non-offensive adventure. A gravestomp is nothing more than a scheduled late night outing to a local cemetery that has been reported to be unusual in some manner due to reported hauntings, odd experiences, or other paranormal reports.

In our area a group of friends get together to go in search of graveyards that are out of the way, very old, locally famous, or ones that hold our loved ones remains. We go at night during the final stages of a waning moon, or a new moon. We go out in the dark of night to commune with those who have crossed over, to leave them small gifts, to leave behind our feelings of loss at our loved ones not being with us any longer, or to do spell work, symbolically burying any negativity we currently have in our incarnation. If we are burying negativity, we leave the cemetery feeling refreshed and renewed.

As we tour the cemeteries, we explore the graves. Some have taken rubbings from interesting grave markers. We look for specific points of interest or allow the cemetery to pull us where it wants us to go. Sometimes, a grave calls out to someone in our party. Sometimes we feel drawn to a particular grave for reasons that we may not immediately understand.

One such sudden surprise related to the dates of those interred. Our friends, David and Nicola, experienced such a shock during one of our gravestomps. They were engaged to be married, and as they wandered through the headstones, they discovered the graves of another betrothed couple. The couple shared their birth dates, but not birth years, of course. According to the information on the headstones, it seems the late couple were buried side by side by their families as they tragically died before the wedding could take place, and as such, would never be able to wed in that incarnation. Nicola was very upset by the notion until it was pointed out that she and David could very well be the reincarnated lovers, back for another try in this incarnation. She made plans to investigate her past lives to see what she could find.

We believe that we learn from these experiences. We feel enriched by paying homage to the generations, which have come before us. We feel that we can learn to commune with the spirits of the deceased and that we have much to learn from them. Sometimes, we may discover something, which (if we pay attention) may be able to help us at the current point of our incarnation.

If the laws in your area permit it, try to organize a gravestomp to an area that has significance to you or your group of friends. You never know what you may be able to learn about yourself, until you try. Just remember that contrary to the name of the function, you should always have the utmost respect for the cemetery and its inhabitants. Behave in a respectful manner, if not for the deceased’s benefit, then for the sake of their loved ones, and for the sake of your own honor.

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