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Gravestomps: A Grave that Calls

One night during a local gravestomp, we had a large group of several people spread throughout and exploring the various areas of the cemetery. Richard, Nightshade, and I kept running into each other repetitively in one section. I was merely wandering about and exploring that area of the cemetery, however, they said they were tracking what they referred to as “a feeling” that was calling to them. The feeling eventually brought them to a grave, which I had already seen, noted as odd, and passed on by. Once they found it, however, they called me back over to it since it had some unknown plant growing rampantly across it.

The fact that the plant was unidentifiable was odd in itself, because Nightshade is the resident all-knowing plant-freak/ herbalist of our group. He comes from Native American blood, trained from an early age, by his grandmother to recognize the local flora, and she instructed him in their uses for a variety of issues, yet he said he had never seen one like it before.

This night, we noticed that the plant was growing on one grave and one grave, only. It did not extend beyond the border of the grave, itself. This grave also had the distinction of being the only grave in that section of the very old cemetery and the headstone so weathered as to be unreadable.

I decided to take some samples of the plants, partly because they were oddly shaped, from what we could see by candle light, and they were very sweet smelling, and so soft. They grew to a height of about 24 to 30 inches. I hoped the plants could be identified in the light of day, as I wanted to try to cultivate them in our yard.

Unfortunately, by early the next morning, the plants had a rancid smell and had already started rotting to such an extent we could not even tell what they looked like with bright morning sunlight. It was odd that the next time a group went to that cemetery (I was not able to attend that outing) the group said they could not find the same grave much less the unusual plants. What was most odd to me, personally, is that I tend to be highly allergic to most live plants, but I never broke out with one blister after handling the plants that night.

I hope that we will go back to the same cemetery some night and try to see if we can rediscover the location of that mysterious grave, to find the source of the plants, again. It would make for a very interesting gravestomp!

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