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Witches’ Spell: Burying Negativity Spell

There are times in life when we feel positively buried under a mountain of negativity. Everyone experiences it at one time or another. Here is a very simple spell, which can move that mountain squarely off your shoulders. However, it does carry a personal cost to the working, so use the spell sparingly.

When you are ready to lose the negativity, choose a small item that is very familiar to you (worn or carried often) and is important to you in some way. It needs to be small enough to fit easily in one hand with your hand closed around it. A small item of jewelry, often worn is ideal, but it must have an emotional bond to you and vice versa.

Stand alone in an open area, such as in a field or on a beach far from your home (graveyards are ideal, but not necessary) focus all the negativity in your life into the small item as you hold it cupped inside your sending/giving hand. Focus on specific feelings and occurrences, which are bothering you. Feel the negativity as it coalesces into a physical feeling, let it gather inside your chest until you know that all of it is together in one place. Feel it as you force it out, feel this tight ball of negativity as it starts sliding down your arm and slips between your fingers to sink into your personal item.

When you have finished, kneel in the dirt where you stood and draw a circle with the index finger of your sending/giving hand to surround your whole body where you are kneeling. While doing so state that this circle represents your past.


Now, draw a slightly smaller circle with your receiving/accepting hand, which just meets the circle of your past but does not share any actual space with it. As you draw this circle, state that this circle represents your future.

When you have finished, dig a small hole in the circle of your past and put the item inside. It should be brimming with all the negativity from your life. As you bury the item in the past, speak these words:

A bright new future is coming my way.
Negativity in the past will stay.

When you have finished burying the item, stand up, and step into the future circle, which you have created for yourself with no burden of negativity. Turn around and without leaving this new circle, erase the circle of your past, with your sending hand, while speaking these words:

Only good is drawn to me.
As I will, so mote it be.

Just remember that if the item you bury means nothing to you that is the exact result of the spell… nothing. Do not go back and reclaim the item as you will just be reclaiming all your previous negativity. Leave the item in the soil or sand to be cleansed by the earth and walk away from the item and all your previous negativity.


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