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Witches’ Tools: Basic Zodiac Correspondences

Zodiac Symbols Element Gemstones Flora
Aries Ram Fire Diamond beets, snapdragon, horseradish, tarragon, curry, red oak, cayenne, garlic, radish, allspice, cinnamon, barberry, paprika, spinach, cashew, galangal, sweet briar
Taurus Bull Earth Emerald horehound, avocado, plantain, cowslip, tulips, pear, rice, strawberry, blood root, aster, Balm of Gilead, elder, chickpea, ragweed, columbine, elder, hydrangeas, rose
Gemini Twins Air Pearl dill, parsley, lily of the valley, Valerian, lavender, fennel, caraway, pistachio, Jacob’s ladder, pecan, sassafras, papyrus, colts foot, daffodil, liquorice
Cancer Crab Water Ruby camphor, fir, peach, lettuce, Clary sage, sesame seed, watercress, willow, eucalyptus, milkweed, pumpkin, peppermint, lemon, chamomile, mother wort, agrimony, moon flower
Leo Lion Fire Peridot cactus, banana, sunflower, marigold, orange, tarragon, mustard, celandine, angelica, birch, rue, frankincense, citron, heliotrope, eye bright, pineapple
Virgo Virgin Earth Sapphire anise, oregano, cypress, moss, fennel, savory, coriander, peppermint, alfalfa, uva-ursa, walnut, bittersweet, gentian, lobelia, oats, Queen Anne’s lace, carrot, myrtle
Libra Scales Air Opal golden seal, catnip, cherry, heather, thyme, marjoram, cranberry, bergamot, corn silk, hollyhock, sweet pea, apple, dittany, gardenia, hibiscus, lady’s mantle, vetivert
Scorpio Scorpion Water Citrine cohosh, wormwood, ginseng, cattail. myrrh, aloe, ginger root, cumin, tobacco, vanilla, monkshood, asafoetida, basil, damiana, belladonna, burdock, foxglove, pine
Sagittarius Archer Fire Blue Topaz carnation, dandelion, anise, juniper, African violet, betony, periwinkle, sumac, borage, cardamom, henna, lilac, mulberry, red clover, sandalwood, tonka bean
Capricorn Goat Earth Garnet cypress, mullein, comfrey, wintergreen, holly, slippery elm, vervain, black poplar, burdock, ivy, morning glory, potato, fern, witch hazel, mandrake, hen bane, elm
Aquarius Water Bearer Air Amethyst lemon balm, skullcap, mace, almond, lavender, patchouli, acacia, almond, gum benzoin, citron peel, cypress, lavender, gum mastic, mimosa, peppermint, pine
Pisces Fishes Water Aquamarine mugwort, Irish moss, catnip, jonquil, apricot, celery, sea weed, gardenia, mastic, echinacea, poppy, jasmine, iris, agaric, wisteria, papaya, mushroom, hemp, cabbage, lovage
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Witches’ Spell: Indigo Blue Water Spell

To cleanse the astral body, clarify the aura and provide magickal strength during times of stress you may use an Indigo Blue Water Spell.

As you are running a tub of slightly cool water, stir in one ounce of the Indigo Blue Water. Soak for at least 20 minutes and submerge several times to get the full effect.

As you are soaking visualize the blue water seeping in through your pores, see it seeping into your cells and going deeper and deeper with each breath you take, strengthening you all the way to your core. Feel the tranquility it provides as it re-balances your spirit and washes the stress away from your body, mind, and spirit leaving only peace behind.

Visualize the cleansing blue water washing over your aura each time you submerge. See it flowing over your aura, washing out to the very edges and cleansing away the negativity that attaches itself to your aura during daily life. Watch as your aura becomes clean again and clarifies in color until it shines brightly.

As you submerge, also feel the water washing away the detritus collected from other astral bodies, which have encountered yours on the astral plane. These astral bodies leave behind their vibrational residues of anger, hatred, greed, envy, and other unwelcome emotions. These residues wash away as you visualize it; you feel it as your astral body begins to vibrate in harmony once again.

When your visualizations are complete, leave the tub, and feel the blue water draining from your body and back into the tub. Allow it to drain away all the impurities and know as you step out that you are revitalized, re-harmonized, and cleansed through.