Off-Topic: Heroes to Teens

I was reading through topics in one of our Facebook forums and a gentleman who is always very eloquent, thoughtful, and thought-provoking did it to me, again. He made a comment which got me to thinking about something I hadn’t thought about in recent years.

It is impossible to teach children to grow up to be decent human beings when their role models come from shows that glorify stupidity, selfishness, and rebellion.- K. A. W.

As such, I just had to make a proud mommy post about our three sons. After reading the entire missive to each one separately, I asked them who their role models/heroes were or who they wanted to be when they “grew up”. I got some surprising answers, I must admit.

Fiest asked was eldest twin. He thought about it for a moment, then made me cry when he said: “You… and maybe some fictional characters.” When asked for clarification on the fictional ones, he said he “admired, you know, like super heroes that are always fighting for people who need help and they are always doing what is right”.  Yeppers, a month away from 18 and he can still surprise me and make me cry with pride.

Second asked was youngest twin. He said: “Other than Tesla… I don’t know. Maybe just be the best me?” Wow. I never knew they were actually listening all those years as children that I was harping at them not to compare themselves to others, but just to be the best them they could be. Who knew kids listen to their moms? This son is always explaining how brilliant Nicola Tesla was for wanting to make the world a better place for everyone.

Third asked was eldest son, 19, who replied: “Hmm, maybe MLK. I have always liked him since I was just a little kid. Or maybe Gandhi? You know, someone fighting for people’s rights.”

Geesh. I have no idea when it happened but our precious little baby boys grew up to be thoughtful and sweet young men. I know I tried to teach them what was right and what was important in life, but with all the horror stories about kids out there, especially teenage boys, I never really thought it would actually work. I will just have to assume it was all the overwhelming “great man” DNA they got from their amazing father that helped to make the job so easy and successful. I know their dad would be so proud of them, I could feel him thinking it with every answer I got.

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Witches’ Spell: Expected Child Blessing Spell

One of the most exciting times in any witch’s life is when she is expecting the birth of a new child. Everything has to be perfect since you want your new child to have the best of everything that life has to offer. As such, you prepare for every eventuality, just in case. You seek the best health care, the best nutrition and you make preparations around your home with infinite care.

As witches, there are other things we can do to help us feel ready for the new family member’s arrival and that is to cast spells to welcome the new arrival and work our craft on the new arrivals behalf. This particular spell requires five candles: Purple, green, yellow, orange, and white. You may personalize the candles by carving the child’s name into each and anoint it with oils based on the gender of the child, their Zodiac sign, or oils to enhance the individual characteristics you are drawing down for them. Te spell can be cast singly or with both parents present and working together.

Choose a date when you have sufficient time to focus on each section of the following spell at an extended length. As you focus on each of the blessings, you should not feel rushed, but feel comfortable in dwelling on each of the traits as much as you like. Visualize them coming into your child, growing with the child and becoming a part of them.

Begin the spell by reciting the following as you prepare and light the purple candle:

As new life grows inside of me/she,
I/We claim the blessings of these three.
With Maiden, Mother and the Crone,
My/Our child won’t walk this world alone.

Then, after lighting the purple candle, focus on blessing the new child with spirituality, psychic abilities, intuition, and great fortune. Take your time and really focus on these blessings individually.

Recite the following as you prepare and light the green candle:

All in good health may he/she arrive,
And with our efforts he’ll/she’ll survive.
My/Our wish is that his/her time is long,
To help his/her spirit to grow strong.

After lighting the green candle, focus on blessing the new child with health, success in life, luck, financial success, and beauty. Visualize each individual gift being granted to your child.

Recite the following as you prepare and light the yellow candle:

With ready mind he’ll/she’ll fight to learn,
With steadfast heart, respect he’ll/she’ll earn.
A learned person he/she will be,
Such wondrous places he/she will see.

After lighting the yellow candle, focus on blessing the new child with intelligence, eloquence, charisma, imagination, confidence, and wisdom. Envision the gifts flowing into and becoming a part of your child’s future.

Recite the following as you prepare and light the orange candle:

My/Our child will have a blessed life,
With strength to fight against all strife,
Forever let him/her pledge his/her might.
It will not be an easy fight.

After lighting the orange candle, focus on blessing the new child with strength, courage, creativity, vitality, a sense of justice, and ambition. Feel these character traits as the meld with the child.

Recite the following as you prepare and light the white candle:

And so below as is above,
In perfect trust and perfect love,
I/We bless this life inside of me/she,
For as I/We will, so mote it be.

After lighting the white candle, focus on blessing the new child with peace, truth, happiness, balance, sincerity, and protection. Continue to see the blessings becoming a part of your child’s life.

Allow the candles to burn all the way down and out as the thoughts of all that your child will be blessed with flow through your mind. Visualize the bright future ahead of him/her and know that they will be equal to any challenge, that they will have anything that they need to have a wonderful experience in this incarnation.

If you want to add extra potency to the spell, you may carve runes and glyphs into the candles before you begin. You may also create personal sigils based on the child’s name, initials or even specific traits that you are calling down for him/her to claim. Set stones around the candles,  light incense or personalize the ceremony in any way you see fit. As a witch, you know best what you want to achieve for your child. After the ceremony, if you use stones, you can choose a suitable metal and wrap the stones to create personal talismans of special potency to keep in the child’s room or save them for the child when he/she is old enough to use them wisely, if they become a witch.