Witches’ Tools: The Danger in Edibles

Just a quick note: There are hundreds of herbs and plants used in magick. Each have their own properties, strengths and uses. Herbal magick is some of the simplest magick there is, however, it is also some of the most deadly! A simple mistake can cost you or a loved one their health or even their life if used improperly.

Before you begin to work with unfamiliar herbs remember the Do or Die Rule. Before making an herbal tea for any purpose, to drink or add to baths, or even as a wash, until you have had sufficient experience to learn the exceptions, it is safest when making any thing which is to to be taken internally or which may come in contact the skin, to stop and think: “Does it need to be boiled or steeped?”

If it is root or bark it must be boiled,
If it is leaves or flowers it must steep.

I know for those of you who have been creating your own herbal remedies, infusions, teas, etc. for years, this may seem like I am treating you like an idiot, but I would much rather someone be offended, than dead. Some people have never heard this rule and may need to know. Of course, doing your own research before using any new herbs is always the best choice. As I said, there are exceptions to every rule, after all.

Safety first!

2 thoughts on “Witches’ Tools: The Danger in Edibles

    • LOL It is not really that difficult to do spells, just make sure you do not put anything on your skin or ingest it without checking it out or talking to someone first. I am always here for you 😉 you should know that!


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