Witches’ Tools: The Danger in Edibles

Just a quick note: There are hundreds of herbs and plants used in magick. Each have their own properties, strengths and uses. Herbal magick is some of the simplest magick there is, however, it is also some of the most deadly! A simple mistake can cost you or a loved one their health or even their life if used improperly.

Before you begin to work with unfamiliar herbs remember the Do or Die Rule. Before making an herbal tea for any purpose, to drink or add to baths, or even as a wash, until you have had sufficient experience to learn the exceptions, it is safest when making any thing which is to to be taken internally or which may come in contact the skin, to stop and think: “Does it need to be boiled or steeped?”

If it is root or bark it must be boiled,
If it is leaves or flowers it must steep.

I know for those of you who have been creating your own herbal remedies, infusions, teas, etc. for years, this may seem like I am treating you like an idiot, but I would much rather someone be offended, than dead. Some people have never heard this rule and may need to know. Of course, doing your own research before using any new herbs is always the best choice. As I said, there are exceptions to every rule, after all.

Safety first!

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Witches’ Spell: Bring Peace Spell

Much as we wish we were not, even witches can find their days and nights disturbed by emotions we would rather live without. As such, if there is discord and distress in your life or your household and you need to draw in peace, then start by cleansing away the negative emotions from yourself, first.

Take a shower to cleanse your body and then fill a tub with some nice warm water, add in a cup of sea salt or Epsom salt. Stir to dissolve the salt into the bath, thoroughly, allowing the water to become even cooler as you stir. While you sit in the water, submerge yourself three times and just before going under each time repeat this chant:

God and Goddess bring to bear
Lasting peace that I can share
Fill me up from head to toe
Give me peace that all may know
Send all ill thoughts far away
Only good in me will stay

Create small sachets to hide in each room of your house. Include any or all of the following in the sachets: bay leaves, lavender, basil, and rosemary. As you place the sachets in each room, hide them well. They should not be seen or disturbed by anyone, on purpose or even accidentally. As you hide them in each area, recite this chant:

I bring peace into this space
Negativity I chase
From my home and by my will
Peace alone remains here still
From each room with each sachet
Negativity I slay
Only peace in here abide
With each person by my side

As always,adding layers through writing the spell on parchment, and including it in the sachet, adding stones, sigils, runes, pieces of metal, etc. to the sachet to meld the strength of other forms of protection with those stated above are entirely up to each witch. Only you can know what you need to do in order to serve your individual purpose.

Once you have completed these actions, remember to refresh the sachets as needed. Dependent upon how many people visit or live in your home and how much negativity tries to follow them into the house, you may need to refresh the sachets with new herbs weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. How often is for the witch who lives there to decide as only you can know when you feel the need to replace them.

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Witches’ Spell: Nightmare Banishing Spell

Nightmares are scary for everyone, witches included. Good news is that there are simple ways to get rid of them. Here is a simple spell best performed well before it is time to sleep.

First, you will need to remove any clutter so the space is free of excessive items that may be lying around putting off energy that may affect your sleep. Put away books, magazines, clothing, etc. Make certain everything is in its proper place.

Second, you will need to make certain the room physically and psychically clean. Remove any dust from surfaces, sweep, vacuum, do whatever is necessary to clean the physical space prior to or in addition to cleaning the psychic space. Make certain to remove any pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and other bedding and wash them or replace with already clean items and remove previously soiled bedding to the laundry basket. Anything can hold psychic energy of others once they have touched it, so clean away all the surfaces.

Third, you will gather the items needed for the spell. You will need a white candle, a white linen “mojo” style bag, a small piece of jet and a small Apache tear, a small amount of betony and a small amount of rosemary, and lastly, lavender essential oil for anointing the candle.

Fourth, combine the herbs and stones in the small white linen bag. Close it securely and set it to one side. Anoint the candle with the lavender oil and then light it. Once it begins to smoke, pass the linen bag through the smoke of the candle, and recite the following.

Maiden, Mother and the Crone
Nightmares will leave me alone
Peaceful dreams will come to me
As I will so mote it be.

Chant the verse as many times as you feel you need to and visualize yourself sleeping peacefully through the night. If you like, you may even visualize dreams you would like to have of loved ones, favorite places, and special times from the past. Know in your heart that you will have good dreams, even if you cannot remember them in the morning, and that you will wake refreshed after having no nightmares.

Continue this for at least 5-10 minutes before bedtime and then snuff out the candle. Place the linen bag under your pillow or under your mattress and sleep in peace and joy.