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Witching Ethics: On Using Blood Magick

As a subject, one of the most hotly contested ones in witchery: Should you, or should you not, use blood magick?

Some young/new witches consider using blood in their craft as anathema or an abomination. They consider the use of blood in their spells to be evil or forbidden magick. Many of their arguments against it hail back to the same erroneous beliefs that many outside witchcraft espouse. They believe it requires using animal blood or the blood of a person against their will. However, we are not talking “Hollywood’s” version of blood spells here, where you sacrifice a person or an animal and use their blood. We are not talking about bleeding something* or someone to death in order to cast a spell. We are talking about putting our own life essence, in its most powerful form, into a spell.

The soul, which is spirit, cannot dwell in dust; it is carried along to dwell in the blood. – Saint Augustine

Our blood is sacred; it is literally life giving, as we cannot exist without it. It can even be a gift of life to others when we donate it to them, so why should we consider it a curse when used in conjunction with our magick? This is something that I, not only, cannot understand, but also, consider quite ridiculous.

We use other parts of our bodies in our spell work. Our thoughts, and the power held within our minds, the very movement of our bodies direct our intention during spells and is considered perfectly normal. We use clippings of our hair, fingernails, or toenails, etc. incorporated into spell work of a protective nature. Why should spells be considered stigmatized merely by use of our blood?

All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood. – Rainer Maria Rilke

There is simply no valid reason why a spell is evil or wrong only because the component of blood is added. That would be as if saying donated blood given to other people is evil or wrong. It, too, is used for the power within the blood to maintain life, to strengthen and empower the other person. Blood, when used as a spell component, is no more evil than incense, holy water, or any other component within the casting.

Does this mean that every spell should be a blood spell? Of course not. As explained, our blood is sacred! It is the most potent and powerful ingredient to a spell which we have to offer. It deserves respect as such, in my opinion. Just the act of adding our blood to a spell ties that spell to us in the most intimate and profound manner possible. The spell becomes a living part of us when blood work is involved.

No one thinks of how much blood it costs. – Dante Alighieri

Personally, I have used a blood spell (intentionally) only one time, so far, in my more than 25 years as a witch. It is a serious consideration, in my opinion, and one that I do not approach lightly. Specifically, I would never use a blood spell unless it is a spell created by myself, for me to use on myself or relating directly to myself. For me it is an issue of accountability in discussing the use of blood magick. This is just my opinion, however. I know other witches who feel that adding a drop of blood to a spell they cast is no more important than what I feel about adding an anointed candle. It is a natural part of their spell working for them. How would you approach using blood magick? Would you consider it something special, something forbidden, or something that is run of the mill?

*My intent is not to discredit other beliefs whose sacrificial purposes are to give offerings to higher beings, including some Jewish sects, Santeria, Voodoo, Christianity which use or used blood sacrifices in their ceremonies, merely to state that my path does not require such, even though others may. To each witch it falls the necessity to determine their own path and manner of practicing their craft.

7 thoughts on “Witching Ethics: On Using Blood Magick

  1. I used blood recently to strengthen a seal (a few nordic runes) and keep locked something I was asked not to destroy or waste, but it was hurting me. It worked really well, but I feel the thing I locked away ALL THE TIME. It’s not bad though, just weird at first. It’s worth it, the seal is extremely solid. I also made a blood pact with another person (we promised to heal and take care of each other) and I recommend you people stay away from that. I was really young when I did that, it was out of impulse and I had to ask for help. The pact is kind of “inactive” now, but it’ll never be erased


    • Interesting that you are having “side effects” from your use of blood in your magick for the seal. That is not an effect I have heard others mention before now. Have you considered it possible that the effect you have that you “feel the thing… locked away ALL THE TIME” may be related more to what you had to lock away, than to the use of blood used? I would love to explore this in depth with you.

      As for making a pact with someone using blood, I will agree with you that it would be, under almost every circumstance I an think of, a bad idea to perform such magick as people change, grow apart, etc. and such a bond could prove untenable in the long run.

      Thank you for the excellent points to think about and discuss!


  2. I think using blood in magic is a weird idea. I mean I know lots of people probably do it but still it seems gruesome to me. How would you even do it?


    • I can understand how it seems unusual for many witches to understand using blood in their magick. I know some who use a drop to anoint their altar, their tools to keep their personal power focused. Some use a drop in the oils they use to anoint candles during spell work.

      For myself, I used blood in the cup of wine I cast the spell into before I drank it, reabsorbing the blood with the spell kept it internalized and empowered the spell. The spell worked amazingly well, but had an unintentional side effect that was personally catastrophic. That is why I am so very hesitant to use it again.


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