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Witches’ Spell: A Spell for Group Harmony

Sometimes when groups of people come together, there are those individuals who live on making things difficult. They seem to strive and feed on the negative emotions and chaos they can stir up. This is a spell, which can be used alone (but preferably with a group of people to increase the focus of the spell) to drive those drama mammas (of any gender) to either leave or desist in the birthing of new drama.

Friends and family come together,
Lately there’s been stormy weather.
We come to group to discuss life,
Yet lately all we find is strife.
Where all once joined to meet and share,
Now trouble is seen everywhere.
Away from group, discord we steer,
And we unite to bring peace near.
We join in peace to right the wrong,
To bring together meek and strong
We call on sea and sky and land.
We join together, hand in hand,
Across our paths we now will stand
We’ll knit together each frayed strand.
Disharmony we cast away,
Bring tranquil times back home to stay.
With nature’s power and strength we build
Until our purpose is fulfilled
Harmony’s power we set free,
Now as we will so mote it be.

Items which would help increase the focus of the spoken spell would be a black candle and a white candle, both carved with the symbols of Wunjo and Ansuz and anointed for drawing in with lavender oil. The spell written out on parchment in Dragon’s Blood ink. Placing one or more of the following stones around the candles as they burn: chrysocolla, jade, agate, celestite, sodalite, chrysoprase, citrine, rose quartz. Burning a harmony blend of incense as you work the spell.

As always, you may personalize the various components of the spell as desired to increase the efficacy for your individual needs. If a more permanent result is needed for ones who continue to try to disrupt regardless, you may have to resort to a Go Away! spell to resolve the issue .

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