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Which Came First Ma’at or OCD?

Many of my witch friends are amused the first time we discuss our favorite Gods and Goddesses with whom we prefer to work. My beloved even asked me once, “Which Came First: Your love of Ma’at or your OCD?”

For those who do not know, Ma’at is the embodiment of order, balance, justice, and truth. So in all honesty, I would have to say that for me the OCD probably came first. Only in carefully researching to find a deity, which incorporated, all that I felt was “right” or that which I felt was to be admired and aspired to, did I find Ma’at and fall in love with her immediately. Why? Because, I am me.

 Order is a necessity. I prefer things to be orderly. Before I married and had three sons I was easily defined as one who “has a place for everything and everything is in its place” type of person. To me it simply makes more sense than having to waste time searching for this or that. While I have three teen sons, currently in the house, things are more chaos than order, so I am learning to embrace Chaos Magick, thanks to a few friends (especially, Michael D. from my group) who keep me sane, or possibly insane as the case my be from day to day. However, some days I dream of order being restored in my home. However, I love my boys more than life itself, much less order. Besides, I still have order in some ways within the home and definitely on my computer, or heads would roll, I fear.

Balance is ideal. After being raised in Christianity, then seeking through this and that spiritual path for my own way and tripping into Wicca, I started out with the “I have to be good” and “I cannot harm anyone or anything, or else” mentality for a good while. However, careful consideration and logical thinking made me revise my path for a more eclectic, and a more thoroughly balanced path. Just as in life, things need to balance out in magick. Just as there is light and dark, beneficial and baneful in the world, so should there be in my magick. Where once I was afraid to return negativity to ones sending it to me, or where attacks on my path, my person, and my family were greeted with spells to make the attacker happier, more fulfilled, etc, so they would have no more reason to attack, I have come to the realization that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Some people in the world need no reason whatsoever to attack and simply do so for fun or out of a joy of causing trouble for others. Now, if someone wants to attack, they are met with justice for their actions, not fluffy bunny, and “love and light” platitudes.

Justice is the way. Not only do I believe in justice, I fight for it, through my politics, my beliefs, and my magick. If I see injustice in the world, which can be helped by putting those in power who will fight it, they have my vote. If I see people unjustly in need and I can help them, I am more than happy to volunteer, donate to charity or do whatever spell I can to make their way easier. If I see people taking evil actions in the world, you had better believe I am going to be crafting a spell to even things out.

Truth is a requirement. As those who know me can tell you, I do not like lies. People who lie to me tend to find themselves in hot water at the very least. I have banished people from my life over lies. I have avoided and rebuked family members who are fond of lying and if they will not cease, banishment for them, as well. One family member earned the Ma’at Mirror spell for decades of bad behavior. My own sons learned during their single digit ages that lying about something they did wrong, doubled whatever the punishment was at the very least. So beware, if you ask me an uncomfortable question you should be ready for me to either tell you the bald truth (whether you like it or not) or ask you point blank, “Do you really want me to answer that?” Of course, there is always the third option, I give you the “arched eyebrow” look, which allows you to retract the question, no harm, no foul, and we will pretend together that you did not say a thing.

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