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Witches’ Spell: Love Candle Spell # 2

Many times people want to find a new love and typically ask for help from any witch they can find. All through history, witches have been the “go to” people to see when seeking a way to draw love to them. There are many ways to bring love and we will post a few of them on the blog as we go along.

For this spell, you will need seven taper candles as well as a vial of Love oil. Take a single pink candle and anoint it with the Love oil from the top to the center of the candle and then from the bottom to the center of the candle. Be certain to visualize no one face in specific. Instead, focus on the characteristics and traits that the perfect person for you will possess as you dress the candle. This will set the candle to draw and finalize the spell to your purpose. This spell is designed to bring the right person for you, not one that you may think is right for you.

Make certain the candle is in a secure holder and away from any combustible materials. Light the candle. As you gaze at the flickering flame, breathe deeply and block out all other thoughts and focus your intent to draw the perfect person for you. Focus on how it will feel to have that person in your life, the happiness you will feel, the contentment of knowing your perfect match is with you. The feeling that together you will be able to share a love which can overcome any obstacle which you encounter in life because you are made whole with the other half of yourself. Keep focusing on these feelings for as long as you can hold your focus. When you feel yourself beginning to strain to hold these thoughts foremost in your mind, then take a deep breath and begin to recite this spell three times.


Anointed candle I do call

Through winter, spring, summer, and fall

Anointed candle bring to me

My destined lover, meant to be

To me alone and in my grace

A perfect lover, fair of face

To me no other will compare

No other lover will I bear

My soul mate now must come to me

For as I will so mote it be


Allow the candle to burn all the way out. Do this spell for seven nights in a row. Keep the stubs of the candles in a safe place and relax with the knowledge that the perfect person for you is on the way, that he or she has been set upon a path to meet you.

As with any spell, you can modify it to strengthen it.  You might choose to write a list of the characteristics you would value most in a partner on a piece or parchment in Dove’s Blood ink, then place it under the candle each night to help focus on the traits you seek. If so, retain the parchment with the candle stubs until you love arrives. You may decorate the candles by carving in corresponding runes, glyphs, sigils, or even the most desired traits you are seeking in your mate. Each witch must decide for themselves how to modify the spell to make it their own.

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