Witches’ Spell: Bring Money Chant

A simple money spell for every witch. This is probably one of the simplest money spells in the world but it may be enhanced, if the witch wishes, by writing it on parchment with Dragon’s Blood ink and including money related symbols, sigils or a rune in green ink, then you may wish to burn the parchment spell using a green candle inscribed with the same symbols and anointed with money oil. You can choose to enhance the spell in any ways your imagination can dream up… but, frankly, none of these things are strictly necessary.

First, simply visualize your immediate money needs. See your need in the form of a bill in your hand, or in the increasing balance of your checkbook. Once you have that visualization locked into your mind, you begin the chant:

Quarter, Penny, Nickel, Dime,
Come to me, I haven’t time.

I have bills that I must pay,
I need funds without delay.
Assorted Coins act as seed,

Grow to bills to meet my need.
As all powers work with me,
As I will so mote it be.

In the second part of the visualization, you will see yourself paying off that specific bill. See yourself writing a check and watch it clear the bank with money to spare. You may even choose to see yourself counting out the individual bills and spare change necessary to take care of the immediate problem.

Keep the visualization going while you repeat the chant until you can no longer hold the visual image in your mind.

4 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Bring Money Chant

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