Past Lives: Real or Imagined

The discussion among many witches regarding past lives is a highly debated one. Are they real? Do we have past lives? Can we recall the experiences and people that we were in previous incarnations? Why would past lives be important to us in this incarnation? My personal beliefs are that we are affected in many ways by our past lives.

You know when you meet someone and instantly you feel like you know them, you become best friends and agree on so many different things? Alternatively, what about when you take an instant dislike to someone the moment you are introduced. What about special skills that you have, things that you just “know” how to do without ever being taught or trained. Where do our personal phobias come from which have no basis in this lifetime? Are there certain time periods, books or movies about eras and time periods which call to you and hold your interest where others irritate, distress or anger you? Do you ever feel pulled toward a specific place or places in the world?

I believe that we carry within us memories, which we cannot easily access, but which inform our movements, decisions, and feelings about the world and the people around us. Just as I believe we have a soul mate, someone who completes us as a person, I believe we have soul enemies and soul friends as well. These are people we have encountered repeatedly who either rub us the wrong way in many different incarnations or who are there for us lifetime after lifetime and leave lasting impacts, which are soul deep.

If you have an innate talent with art, music or even mathematics, it could be related to your having been a pioneer in those fields in a previous lifetime or even several lifetimes. It may be the same with intense fears and phobias, for which there may be no explanation in this lifetime. A fear of heights may be related to intense pain during a falling death in a previous incarnation. A fear of water may be due to a lifetime in which you previously suffered a death by drowning.

We may feel drawn to a time or place in which we had a wonderful experience in one lifetime. It may have been a time when we shared a beautiful experience with family and friends. We may have achieved a stunning victory over a personal trial or learned a new craft, which made a permanent impression on our soul. At others, we may be repelled by times or places which were experienced in lifetimes which were difficult. Incarnations where we struggled to overcome heartbreaking or painful experiences.

I have been fortunate enough to learn a bit about some of my previous lives and from what little I have learned of them, so far, these beliefs have formed and been strengthened with every new tidbit I uncover. Therefore, these are my personal beliefs, but I have no science to back them up, just impressions gleaned over time and experience. What do you think about past lives? Are you a believer?

2 thoughts on “Past Lives: Real or Imagined

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