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Dream Interpretations

When someone has questions about dream interpretations, many times they are told to buy a book about the meanings of dreams. Some people will even suggest one specific book or another as being the best one to use. I disagree. Dream interpretation books are like the daily astrology reports you see in magazines and newspapers, overly generalized so that they may fit everyone’s perceptions of the meanings.

I believe that you have to interpret your own dreams or speak to someone who can help you interpret them based on your personal life experiences. Only you can know what the individual items, people, and experiences in your dreams mean in your life.

As comparison, a book may say that if you see a large cat hissing and getting ready to attack it means something bad and a bicycle wrapped as a gift means something good. However, in your PERSONAL experience, what if a strange dog was attacking you and your cat came to your rescue, hissing, spitting with claws flying? That would definitely be a good thing. Perhaps your beloved younger sibling received their first bicycle for their eighth birthday and in their excitement rode it into the street, was struck by a car and hospitalized or died? That, of course, would be a negative. Books cannot know your personal history. As such, books cannot always interpret the meanings of the symbols your subconscious uses when trying to speak to you.

Dreams, just like the rest of your personal experiences are just that, personal. You need to dissect the portions of your dreams, actions, items, and people within them. You need to determine what each one means to you. Only you are capable of doing this with the degree of personal knowledge about each item as it relates to your life.

Make your own dream diary to track your dreams. Note the frequency of different symbols and situations, which arise in your dreams. Start creating your own dream dictionary as you do this, recording what each one means to you and what you feel about it. Dissect the various items, people and situations in your dreams and note what each one means to you. You know which items, people, and situations recur in your more common dreams. No one else can have this intimate knowledge of what goes on in your head. In doing this, you will start to accrue a basic knowledge of your dream self.

Once you have the common themes written down and can understand them, only then, will you be more likely to get an accurate interpretation of what important dreams have to say to you, specifically. You will be able to know when an uncommon thread is appearing in your dreams, which you need to pay particular attention to in order to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

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