Starbo’s Mirroring

Starbo was relatively new to the magickal life, he had been a seeker for the time that I had known him, but was not very experienced at mirroring as of this writing. He had only one incarnation that he had been able to see.

Starbo’s only vision was of a man with a long red beard and hair to match. The man was clothed in the style of ancient England. He was wearing a dark blue over cloak. The details of the clothes under it were not visible to Starbo, but the impression he received from the man’s carriage and demeanor seemed to imply that he was either a warrior or a bard,  he was getting vibes that the person was very confident.

Since those two professions were far removed from one another naturally, I assumed that the era is very important. There have not been many times throughout the history of this earth when the storytellers and the fighters have been able to tread the earth with the same amount of confidence between them. About the only era I can imagine it to have been would be during the days of feudal lords in England’s history. Anyone have other ideas?

One thought on “Starbo’s Mirroring

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