Past Life Regression Audio Tape Results

Several days after our first session with the past life regression audio tape, I was getting ready for bed. I’d had an exceptionally tiring day with our infant son who was several months old at the time. Az was messing around in the living room with the computer before he came to bed, so I decided to lie down alone and closed my eyes to wait for him.

At first, I thought it was some kind of psychic attack, there were eyes looking at me out of this dark, hairy face right in front of my eyes. I opened my eyes and sat up. I could not sense an attack, any darkness, or sense of foreboding around me. Then I thought I had gone immediately to sleep and dreamed the eyes. I glanced at the clock but realized that I did not know what time I had lain down, so that was no help. I decided to just lie down, again, and see if I could go back to sleep.

As soon as I closed my eyes this time, I was looking down and I saw these huge dirty hands. I was up again in a flash. I looked at the clock and the minute had not even changed. I was getting concerned now, I could not figure it out at first and it was bothering me, was I under attack and just not able to sense it, was I getting a vision? Was this an omen that this person was going to come into my life, or was he going to try to harm me? I still did not get any feelings of ill will off the person but I did not intend to take any chances, either.

I strengthened the bedroom wards and closed my eyes while sitting up. This time I saw more faces and they were all looking at me, though the people seemed small. Even the hairy one right in front of me looked at least thirty but was a foot shorter than I. A small child was peeping out from behind some bushes, as if afraid of me. Other people were just standing around looking at me. Some were sitting in the lower branches of trees, with their feet just off the ground. Others sat on the ground or leaned against trees, and it suddenly dawned on me that their clothes were more like something you would have seen in the late Middle Ages to early Modern Ages based of the lack of colors on the clothing, (other than dirt) the copious amounts of stains, as well as the obvious signs of wear. It was as if they lived in these same clothes every day.

I looked down and saw that I was dressed similarly, though my clothes were just a bit nicer, less worn, but no cleaner. My arms and hands were massive, hairy, and very dark, covered in dirt and appeared to be a tanned. As I looked around the forest clearing, it began to become apparent that these people were either afraid or me or in awe of me and were staying their distance, as a result. You could see both fear and a grudging sort of respect for me in the eyes of most of those gathered; others appeared to despise me carefully, as if they hated me but didn’t want me to know it. I looked down and saw why as I admired the massive size of my body. I was easily twice a thick as a normal man and looked strong enough to fell an ox, in general.

Beside me, there was a healthy fire, an oddly shaped anvil of sorts and a small pile of worn or damaged metal items on a small rickety table. The metal was comprised of knives, small farming implements and axes, as well as other tools, which looked odd but were in much better condition. To my other side was a good-sized handcart, which could apparently be loaded and pushed around with the anvil and tools going from village to village locally. I realized that I was some sort of traveling blacksmith. I do not think that even as huge as I was that I could have traveled long distances with a cart so loaded down, even though I looked like a hairy, unkempt Andre the Giant. The size of the anvil I carried on my journey amazed me. It looked like some huge boxy shaped rock. It was not shaped like any of metal anvils I have seen at any time in history.

No wonder they were past lives, past life, divination, alternative beliefsafraid to show their dislike of me personally. If I could hoist and cart that thing around, I could probably snap a full-grown man in half like a twig, as the saying goes. My face was covered by a dark, bushy growth, which I could see only because it start mid-cheek and I saw that it continued down the front of the hairy looking leather thing that I was wearing to protect my clothing. (As many HAIRY incarnations as I have had, it is no wonder to me that I hate beards and mustaches on men.) Besides the huge fire next to me, there was also a small creek within about ten or fifteen feet, I guessed. I must have just shown up and the villagers had brought their wares to me to fix. From the amount of hate some tried to hide, I got the feeling that I was not exactly prone to charging affordable prices for my work.

Personally, though I have never heard of traveling blacksmiths dating back so far in history, I know that we had them here in the US during the period around the Civil War, though. If they did exist sometime much earlier on this planet, surely they did not carry around enormous stone anvils. If anyone knows about this or knows where I may look for more info, I would love to find out more about this character.

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