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First Accidental Astral Travel

The first time I ever traveled the astral plane was completely by accident. I had heard of astral travel and had even read a book about it a few years before, but I had not thought that I understood the process. I had a very high fever and was at home in bed all day, or so I thought, initially. However, I was so miserable that I imagined I was leaving my body and floating away from it.

My school friends swore that I had not been around for the party that afternoon, yet I was able to tell them exactly what they had done. Right down to who had split her pants on the trampoline in the back yard. At first, I thought I was just dreaming but the conversations were surreal to me. I witnessed conversations which were ultra private were being discussed between two girls who were best friends, whom I was not close to, during the party. I kept wondering, “Why on earth would they talk about such private issues with me standing right here”?

A few weeks later, during school, a conversation came up about Debbie’s pants and I told them I already knew about it because I had been there. They said that I had not been there because my mom said I was sick and could not attend the party. I kept insisting that they must have been discussing a different party, because I remembered the color of the panties she was wearing and that everyone had laughed and said that at least she was wearing some, and yes, they were the color I mentioned. I, then, mentioned some of the broader topics of conversation and everyone agreed that they had occurred, but that I must have overheard someone talking about them.

If that were the extent of the situation, I would not have remarked it as exceptionally odd. However, a few days later I was talking with my best friend about how a girl we knew from school, but who was not at all close to us, was going to feel terrible about having to go away to a new school because she was pregnant (yes… I came from an incredibly small town, and this was the mid-seventies, after all) another girl overheard who was a close friend of the girl who was the subject of the conversation. I was insulted, and called every name in the book and then they asked how I knew. I said I had heard them talking about it about Cindy’s and Debbie’s house. I was accused of lying because the only time they had ever discussed it outside of the pregnant girl’s bedroom was in the bathroom at the party, and I was not at the party, nor in the bathroom at the time, so how did I know about it?

That one even stumped me, and increased the “that girl is weird” mutterings and opinions of others in our far-flung group. From that time on, I was officially “that weird girl” in school and the popular girls… i.e. the pregnant girl and her friends never did like me again. Fear of what is unknown, perhaps, but I just knew that I aware of things I was not supposed to know anything about.

I did wonder for a few years about that particular item of gossip and how I had come across it since I distinctly recalled seeing and hearing them talking about it. My answer did not come until several years later after I had become a witch, when I learned in depth about astral travel and the possibilities, which it entailed.

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