Az First Mirroring

The first time that I tried mirroring, I was very skeptical. How could staring into a mirror lit by candle light show your past lives? I was willing to try, however, at first I was staring too hard and trying to force myself to see something which, with any kind of meditation, magick, etc., does not work. Finally, I got bored with repeatedly getting no results and began to relax having decided that nothing was going to happen. Of course, that is precisely when it happened.

The first thing that I noticed was that my image was starting to fade, almost as if a fog had rolled in on the other side of the looking glass. The fog continued to thicken until my entire image was shaded and gray. Then, slowly, the image cleared, and I found myself looking into a face that was not mine. At least not mine in this incarnation, the image had reddish blond hair and was wearing a tall furred hat. The mirror that I was using was a large mirror so I was able to see that my image was wearing a thick, black, cloth coat, with twin rows of large brass buttons.

The image wavered, again, the fog rolled in and when it cleared, I realized that I was staring at another incarnation. This time the face was decidedly oriental and well into his sixties… he wore an odd little round hat with a ball on top of it. He had a long droopy mustache and beard; much like the “Old One” on “Kung Fu”, but what I remember most about this image is that it had extremely long curling finger nails. They were so long that I could swear that they had never been trimmed during that person’s lifetime.

It was not until about 3 months later, when I had been researching what I had seen, that I learned of the “Manchurians” and their penchant for never cutting their fingernails. Evidently, I was a member of the Manchu aristocracy in a former life. After this image faded, it was replaced by one, which was very similar to one that my wife Treehugger has in common. I was very dark and craggy skinned, with an over abundant amount of facial hair. I resembled what appeared to be an Australian Aborigine. This was the last face that I saw the first time I mirrored. After that one, I decided to quit as it was getting late and I was getting tired.

I highly recommend mirroring as a first step to discovering your past lives, and do it often for each time some new shred of information seems to float to the surface of the “looking glass”.

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