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Witchery: Astral Travel Basics

Astral travel, also known as, astral projection, is the act of removing your spiritual or etheric self from your corporeal self.  This can be achieved in several different manners, some intentional, and some accidental. The reasons or causes for this projection from the physical body can be due to a serious illness, were the spirit may seek to escape the pain that the corporeal boy is feeling, it can be a result of a self induced or even a guided trance state, some people use psychotropic drugs to achieve the release, it can even be related to a sudden approach of death, such as after an accident.

One thing that each of the intentional means of astral travel has in common (which cannot be stressed enough) is the need to practice to achieve the best results. Contrary to some of the popular myths making the rounds on the internet, this is not a skill that can be perfected after just a few tries. There are far too many variables that need to be considered and accounted for before the process of astral travel becomes something that you can do easily and safely.

The process of leaving your physical body behind is not a simple step. It takes a great deal of practice. Even when you do finally achieve it, the sudden feeling of being in your etheric body may feel so distinctly different that many people have a reported a tendency to “snap” back into their corporeal forms simply due to the fact that their etheric, or astral, body has such a different feeling to it.

There are many different methods for learning how to astrally project yourself from a physical or corporeal body, into an etheric, or astral body.

First, you will want to find a place where you can be physically comfortable. You can either choose to sit in a comfortable chair that supports your physical body, or you may choose to lie down on a comfortable surface.

Make certain loosen or remove any restricting clothing.

Choose a position that you feel will be comfortable for an extended period of time.

Start by grounding and centering yourself, erasing all worries from your mind, ridding yourself of any other thoughts that may distract you.

Next, you need to do some deep breathing. Breathe in through your nose until you can feel your entire body filling with air as if it goes all the way down to your toes, then hold it for a few seconds, and slowly let the air escape back out through your mouth. Continue to do these until you feel your entire body start to tingle with the increased flow of oxygen. As you feel the tingle let it expand in your body until you feel as if you are floating on the air you breathe.

Visualize a white light surrounding your body, see the light as it covers you like a soft blanket from head to toes and on all sides. Feel the light as it bathes your body in protection. Know in your heart that nothing, neither entity nor energy can attack your body while you are absent from it.

When you have achieved this, you need to begin to light up your chakras one by one. Begin by visualizing a soft red light emanating from your root chakra. Attune the light to the beat of your heart letting the light grow stronger with each heartbeat. As the light grows allow yourself to feel each pulse of the light. In your mind’s eye, see the light gently growing with your heartbeat until it is a strong, clear red. Once you have finished with that chakra, go on to the orange or sacral chakra, etc. until they are all strong, clear, and pulsing in unison.

Now you are ready to create your astral body.

Visualize living light shaped as your twin. One by one starting with your root chakra, transfer each chakra into your astral body. See them moving through the air from one form to the other and attaching securely. Once all of your chakras have transferred from your physical to your astral self, you are ready to go.

Do not be concerned if you see a thin silver cord, which connects these two bodies. That is your tether line, keeping you attached to your physical form. Contrary to what some will try to tell you, it cannot be broken, cut, or destroyed in any way unless the physical body dies.

In the beginning, you will want to take short journeys. Do not try to stay out for too long, as it is more tiring than you will initially realize. Also, do not try to go exploring other planes or worlds right away. You will need more experience with handling your astral self in locations that are drastically unfamiliar. Stay local, experiment and practice moving around in familiar places in the beginning until you can move comfortably and control your form. Pay attention to what is occurring with your form, do not allow yourself to be distracted by the new sensations you will feel as that can cause more problems than you may realize.

While you are out and about moving is very easy, you can do things the hard way by walking there, fly, or even just think yourself to your desired location, it all amounts to the same thing… you get there.

When you are ready to return to the physical body, it is as simple as thinking yourself back in. There is no need for you to try to re-attached the chakras to your physical form as they will naturally move with you back to your physical form.

Once you become familiar with the process and have successfully traveled a number of times, in areas familiar to you, try visiting a place that you know of, but one where you have never been before. Since you can travel so easily… be careful what locations you imagine. There are some places, which can be frightening if you suddenly appear there. Sometimes, being startled can cause you to snap back into your body which can cause an instance of pain and resulting soreness for some.

Special note from Az: Even though it is possible to create other forms, it is not recommend in the beginning as each form vibrates at a specific frequency. Novices should not try this because taking the form of something else always causes a certain amount of melding of your energies with those of the form you choose, and in the beginning, you will not have 100% control in those instances.

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