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Witchery: Past Life Regressions

As witches, many of us are strong believers in reincarnation and believe that we have lived other lives in the past, due to experiences we have had in this lifetime. Many believers in reincarnation are now experimenting and learning to utilize various past life regressions techniques to discover more about who they were and what they have previously experienced. No matter how you choose to do it, past life regression can be an interesting experience.

As with any type of hypnotherapy, I strongly suggest that you get to know the person doing it and that you trust them implicitly before letting them regress you. Even with a person who has known you for years, mistakes can occur in the simplest of manners which can be frightening or even dangerous. Other times, you may get a result which is hilariously unexpected. Having a person available to take notes on what is discovered can be very helpful, that way no details are missed and the notes can be dissected after the fact to uncover additional information about the past life.

Needless to say, with someone who is not well trained or who has not taken the time to get to know the person being regressed, there can sometimes be traumatic or even tragic results. The person regressed may undergo, once again, traumas that they should be shielded from, yet because the regressor is not well trained or does not know how to determine the signs of stress in the regressee, the trauma may be re-experienced. This can make the overall effort not only a waste of time and money, but hazardous to your personal safety. Some feelings you do NOT want to experience again. (i.e. loss of life, physical pains and traumas or heartaches from loss of loved ones.)

Several of us have tested the process and been regressed both by individuals using various methods, as well as by audio tapes commercially created for the purpose. There are many such tools available online or in occult/new age stores and they may be used with varying degrees of success by people depending upon their susceptibility to hypnosis. Each mind reacts individually, as you will see if you are able to be regressed among a group of friends.

We each bring our own expectations to the experience. As a result, one time I had an interesting problem where I blocked the results from myself for several days then suddenly the memories just appeared in the front of my mind as clear as my memories of the day before. It was a bit disconcerting to say the least to be living my life and suddenly I was elsewhere and no longer my current self.

I, also, had an experience with someone who had previous experience with others, but not with me. It turned into a comedy of errors, which was somewhat painful for about 15 minutes, but did no lasting damage. As such, I suggest that if you have specific phobias, which may, or may not, stem from previous lives that you discuss them in depth with the person who intends to do the regression so as to avoid a similar fate.

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