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The World We Live In

This blog deals with witchcraft, paganism, druidism, and alternate belief systems. We will share our rituals and spells, discuss our experiences, and ideas. Witches are not strange people you see lurking in dark places. Witches are not like the ones you see portrayed on television and in movies.

Witches may be your sisters and brothers, witches may be your friends, neighbors, your doctor, your accountant. Some witches bag groceries, others teach in schools and universities, some deliver pizzas, or help you when you call tech support. Witches work in local restaurants and even own them, and yes, even the person who stops to help you on the side of the road may be a witch. You should not fear witches, as a whole as they are just as human as you are; they have their own lives, and loved ones, just as you do. Witches will not persecute you, hex you, or cast a spell on you for no apparent reason.

Truth be told, more often, witches are the ones persecuted. The ignorant ones who do not understand anything about us, our beliefs, or our paths, nor do they care to try are happy to cause us trouble for their own enjoyment. They fear and hate us because we believe differently. They make up stories about us simply to cause strife and distrust. We must learn to cope with those who throw things at our homes in the night, those who try to get us evicted from our homes, fired from our jobs, and who bother our children all in the name of their religious beliefs. Sadly, there are many who behave this way and they cover the globe. They are on every continent and in every nation.

However, our numbers are steadily growing. Our beliefs are becoming more familiar to the common person on the street. Mainstream media with its misinformation and its prejudice has lost ground to the Internet, where the truth spreads more easily than in the heavily politicized and commercialized forms of media our parents and grandparents had to use newspapers, magazines, books and reference materials to learn about their world. Sometimes the cost was prohibitive. It is becoming a new world. Perhaps one day soon, we will no longer hate or fear each other… one day soon we will get to know each other and accept each others differences and learn to live in peace together, instead.

Witches are willing, are you?


5 thoughts on “The World We Live In

    • I think that as with any study, Lisa, you have to research across multiple fronts with various groups in order to make certain you are getting a clear picture of any new field of study. Just as you would not use one book to get a picture of the world around you, so should you investigate many authors of books, magazines and websites in order to get an overview of anything new. Witchcraft is no different. It is so widely varied across the spectrum of beliefs that no one person or group can explain it all. Visit a local library, scan multiple websites, use common sense and your personal intuition to help you weed out the ones that you feel you cannot trust. Join local groups and/or online groups, listen to discussions, ask questions, and keep asking questions until you understand what you need to know. Learning is growing and when you stop growing, you become stagnant and die, IMO.


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