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Beware the Super Witches

You will meet experts and so-called “super witches” everywhere online. Some will tout their years of training, some their scholarly credentials, others their induction into a certain path and brag about their level. Some you meet will even tout their lineage as if being a witch is something in their genes. Granted they may have been born into a family where witchcraft is practiced and taught from an early age. This simply means that they may have had access to the family knowledge, the family library of spells and rituals, and the interpretation of the family path from an early age. They may even have more practice at the actual casting of spells and performance of the rituals of witchcraft than others their age. It still does not mean they are some “special breed” of witch that is better than others are.

Now, I will freely admit that there are families where certain gifts, talents, or skills are genetically hereditary. Just as musical ability, athletic ability or adeptness with mathematics or sciences may be inherited; there are several occult practices, which may be enhanced by a natural talent as well. Unusual skill when reading tarot, scrying, channeling, seeing and communicating with spirits may be hereditary, just to name a few. Bear in mind, this still does not make them a better witch, a more powerful witch or a smarter witch than you, just a witch with different talents than you may have on your own.

Some people believe that any person may master all occult talents with the proper application of effort. As a person who has tried in vain off and on for decades to master the art of tarot, I am here to tell you that just is not so. I can do a basic reading with cards and sense a great deal from them, but I will never achieve the fluidity and skill which the very best readers exhibit. I believe we can all learn most skills, some may master the basics of a skill, some become “fluent” as such, but I have never met or even heard of one person who can truly attain a master status at every skill. If someone tells you that they have mastered all and are a form of super witch, walk away. Do not tolerate being lied to. People may lie to impress, lie to part you from your money or even lie to get close enough to cause you serious harm.

If you want to try your hand at a particular skill, read and study, find a master as a teacher, if you can. However, if that particular level of skill eludes you, do not be overly disappointed. As it is said, there are many ways to skin a cat. If you cannot master one certain skill, try another and still another, which serves the same or a similar purpose. Eventually you are going to find one that allows you to use the natural talents you were born with to achieve the goals you have set. After all, I may not be able to read you with tarot cards to see who you are and what is in store for you, but through numerology, I will be more than equal to the task.

Just tread carefully around those who claim to be superior in every way. Watch your back when someone tries to tell you that they can teach you to be a Grand Master for $99.99 or some such ridiculous claim. Delusional people may be dangerous on many different levels.


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