Early Mirroring Experiences

The first time I mirrored, I was in my early twenties and had no idea it was related to the craft. It was described to me as a party trick. I was told that it would show me my future if I had “the nerve to try it”. Being a typical cocky 20-something, of course I had the nerve to try it!

At first I saw myself as I was, then the face began to become fuzzy looking, then to droop and age dramatically. Deep crevasses, not just wrinkles, but crevasses formed in the forehead, beside my mouth, between and from the corners of my eyes and they appeared darker than the rest of the skin, as if I was dirty, deep down dirty as if I had not bathed in years. The cheeks hung like jowls and I could see a wrinkled double chin. The hair was straggling out and down the sides of the face from what appeared to be a thick ponytail of steel gray frizz. The most frightening thing was the look in the eyes. They shone brightly, seemed to sparkle with some emotion I was too afraid to stay and identify. Then the face seemed to start melting away. That was the last straw, it frightened me and had me fleeing the mirror and refusing to try a second time.

I did not even remember it or try it again until almost a decade later, a few years after I began to study witchcraft, when an advanced witch from a local traditional group explained to us the proper way to “see” what the mirror was showing us, to control the flow of information, and to communicate with the mirror. His explanations made what had initially happened seem ridiculously funny after all those years.

A few of us tried it over the next couple of weeks. This time my results were not frightening since I knew what I was seeing and how to control the flow of visions. The original “crone” as I have learned to call her, returned first. She is now my favorite. The eyes were shining again and since I was not too afraid to look, I discovered it was warmth, compassion, intelligence and an age-old weariness, which made them gleam. Over many sessions, by looking into her eyes, I knew that she borne many children and yet lost them all. She lost her husband and her siblings in middle age. By the time I “met her” she had lost every family member. She was the last surviving member of her line, which explained the weariness. She had reached the end of her life alone. She had worked hard to support herself with her garden and chickens in her declining years. I do not know if she was a village wise woman, she never answers that, but for some reason I think she was not. I feel that she was fondly remembered among her villagers for her decades of helping others with spare food when people needed it, that her children, both sons and daughters had been well liked before their deaths, some as infants, and very small children as well as some still births. Some lived to be in their middle age before passing, at least one son, and one daughter. Two daughters died in childbirth or from pregnancies gone wrong. The grandchildren were few and all died young. The other son just disappeared, not confirmed dead, not seen leaving the village, just gone one day. She had an amazingly difficult life and yet she refused to give up and give in. Even when all were lost to her. I wonder sometimes, since meeting her, if this incarnation is not the one that caused me to decide at 19 that I did not want to have children or marry.

However, even after learning so much about “Crone” I was always skeptical of the results, I decided to “test” the process. I wanted verification that I was truly seeing what I thought, not that I was convincing myself that I was seeing something, though nothing had actually occurred. For the test, I chose two people who had known me for several months, but to whom I had not revealed what I saw when mirroring, to do a session with me. They were told where to sit, to stay out of the line of my vision and the mirror’s vision, but to sit where they could see my reflection in the mirror itself without me seeing them. Once I began, it was very easy to tune them out and just focus on the mirroring itself. After fifteen minutes, I stopped the process and they went into the front of the house. They sat in two separate rooms, Bonnie spoke to Dale; Spiritwind spoke to Az in order to report what, if anything, they had seen in the mirror. I continued for another ten minutes or so, to give them time to relate their accounts.

When I joined the group, who had assembled in the living room, there were the two pages of descriptions lying face down on the coffee table. I recounted the three figures I had seen while they were in the room, what I had noticed and felt about each one. I was very pleased and satisfied that the results proved demonstrative in that they recounted the exact same people I had seen for myself. The only variations were that Bonnie and Darwin had not felt anything until the one I commonly refer to as the “wooly booger” showed up. She said that one frightened her. Darwin had reported that he felt some very strong emotion pouring off that one as well, but could not define it as it kept shifting. I explained that he was an aboriginal person (feels like Australian) who was very juiced up for a hunt. I call him “wooly booger” because his hair is long, tangled, and wild, it looks like it has never been touched, his beard and mustache are full and wild as well, and all you can see of his face is the tops of his cheeks and his deeply wrinkled eyes. He is practically vibrating with excitement for the coming hunt. Up until that time, we had not tried to “piggyback” on each other’s visions while mirroring. From the details, they related on all three figures, it was obvious that we had a positive result.

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Witchery: Mirroring Technique

Mirroring is a simple technique, which may be used to allow you to get in touch, visually, with previous incarnations. For those who are adept at reading visual clues, (people’s ages, items in background, clothing styles, hairstyles, etc.) or those who can get feelings or readings from visions, it can provide information that is extremely useful.

We have heard several different versions, though most are extremely similar, as to the process itself. You need a room, which can be made dark to allow you to focus on the images in the mirror, only. When starting out, the mirror should be large enough to allow you to see from your head to bust area only for ideal purposes. The room needs to be quiet with no external noises, which may intrude to distract you. For the bet results, ground and center yourself and make certain you are breathing correctly. Light two small votive or tea candles and place them under but close to the mirror so that the light will reflect on you, but you do not see the flames in the mirror itself. White is the best color to use for this particular endeavor. The light should be sufficient to see your reflection, but not bright enough to intrude on your consciousness. When you see yourself in the mirror at first, your reflection should appear to be slightly dreamy looking. Your refection should be in focus, but not sharply so. I would suggest sitting in a chair, or on the floor, for comfort sake. Sometimes what you see can be startlingly different, as with my first experience: frightening. If you are intensely focused on the mirroring process, you may stumble or fall down. Also, if you have a good rapport with the process and decide you want to take your time and enjoy it, you can quickly become tired as the process can be very draining. This will affect your results as you begin to focus on how you are standing, leaning, locking knees, etc. instead of on controlling the flow and focusing on the results.

Once you are comfortable and ready to begin, allow yourself to focus on your reflection. Let the mirror know that you want to see another you. A you, which is not now. Keep this thought in mind while you gaze into the reflection. I choose to focus on the eyes during the change. The eye areas tend to show less dramatic physical change even though they may change colors or general shape. For myself, I have found that allowing the shape of the reflection to change completely or almost completely before shifting my focus to the overall image is easiest. That way I am not distracted by watching the image form, which I have done on occasion. Personally, when I do this, I tend to lose control of the process. Instead of changing to an image and staying so I may peruse it, it starts flowing from image to image without fully forming and without stopping. I tend to get lost in the transformation instead of the result, as such, the transformations just flow. Think of watching a cloud move across the sky, always changing shape, never settling on one shape. With mirroring, this can be fun to watch, but not very informative. This has been my experience, though experiences vary from person to person. For me, it takes very real effort to slow and stop the process, which is both tiring and distracting at times.

You do not have to stare at the image to make it change, you only need to allow your gaze to be steady, when you need to blink, blink. If you are of a skittish nature, you may want to allow your eyes to go just slightly unfocused until the change is complete. It can be a bit shocking the first few times and you never know who is going to pop up in the beginning. Once you have a few set faces you can concentrate to bring them forward to study or to get a better reading on them prior to letting new faces in, if you wish. Whichever way you prefer, always hold the thought in your mind of the other you.

When the image settles, take note of all you can see. Pay particular attention to clothing styles, hairstyles, anything visible in the background that may give you any clues as to the era or location you are viewing. If you are able to get a reading on the person or take feelings away from what you see, then remember them well and note them down at the end of the session. Pay attention to the emotion present in the eyes. Was the person, happy, sad, angry, or confused? Note everything that you can for as long as you can hold the image so you may write it down afterward. When you feel ready, allow the image to shift again. I would suggest sessions be kept to 30 minutes or less. It is a very draining process even though when the session first ends you may feel buoyant; a crash is coming from the energy you are expending.

During the session, if the image is not clear, will not hold steady, does not change, keep trying. Some people have expressed that it comes easily, while others may have a hard time initially. Only very infrequently have I ever heard of someone who cannot get mirroring to work at all. Just remember to remain open to the experiences you will have, sometimes they will be informative, sometimes frightening and other times amusing. Be ready for whatever your past lives have to share.

It is an odd feeling to watch something as familiar as your own face become completely alien and unfamiliar to you as you watch, it will truly amaze you. If you feel your results are too private, we understand, but on the other hand, if you see anything you feel like sharing, feel free to let us know, we would love to hear about it.

Just remember that in any magickal undertaking, the control belongs to you. If you want to try mirroring and it goes too fast, it is your will, which controls the magick you do. Practice, learn to slow the image or images so that you can see each one as an individual face. Remember that nothing can harm you unless you allow it. The power is yours. As a witch, remember, do not give your power over to anyone or anything.

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Your Path, Your Interpretation

People who are newly come to their path are often confused by the wealth of information available, explained differently on every website, in every book and from each person they meet. Take for example the Witches Pyramid. You can find the pyramid everywhere on the Internet. It is one of those pieces of information passed around from site to site, book to book, and memorized by almost every new witch. The most important thing to remember about the pyramid, or any other information you find, is that it is just as open to interpretation as everything else.

Our interpretation of the pyramid:

To know: to have the knowledge that the craft imparts.
To will: to have the capability to use the knowledge.
To dare: to put the knowledge to use for yourself and others.
To be silent: not to force the knowledge upon those who may be frightened by it or unwilling to learn.

Some witches and even some groups will act as if they are the “one true way of witchcraft” and that anyone practicing in a different manner is wrong, foolhardy, dangerous or even fake shudder evil for not believing the way they do. Certain traditions and groups are known for touting themselves as the purest, the best, or the most powerful, others are more accepting of differences. They know that there is no such thing as “one true way” and they do not pretend otherwise. If you want to follow a specific path, even one that claims to be the one true way, and be inducted into their membership, if it feels right to you, then more power to you, it sounds as if you have found the correct path for yourself. However, if it does not feel right, if you feel uncomfortable with their ways, the practices seem “off” to you then do not settle for their way of doing things just because they say it is the proper way. Seek further for your special path. It is there, you just need to find it.

As my late husband used to say, “Everyone is born with a built in bullshit detector”, use yours! Learn to trust your instincts. You know when something does not feel right. You can tell if someone is feeding you a line. Even if you really want to belong to a certain tradition or certain group, it would be better to be a solitary practitioner than to tie yourself in with a group that does not suit your true needs. A brilliant man once wrote:

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

These words teach us a valuable lesson; they are words for everyone, in my opinion, especially witches, to live by in order to achieve happiness in our own lives.